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One of the saint-goabin noticeable trends in the exterior design of passenger cars is the introduction of panoramic sunroofs. In addition to its possible use in the residential sector, Mirastar can be used to achieve effects mirror walls which are in areas of high humidity or where disinfection or cleaning products should be used.

Mirastar glass is ideal for applications requiring safety in use, for example as a separator of wall coverings or environments. Persianas mallorquinas MA Thermia Barcelona. Automotive windows are usually made from laminated glass for windshields and tempered glass for sidelites and backlites. Cars all over the world are equipped with our products. The mirrors are also a perfect solution for wet areas. Glass coated Mirastar respond to the requirements of the class A of the European standard UNE – ENand are in accordance with the rules applicable to the glass layer relative to the CE marking.

But what exactly does it mean and what kind of solutio The preferred partner of the automotive industry Saint-Gobain Sekurit is the preferred partner of the automobile industry when it comes to automotive glazing.

The original article in Spanish can be viewed at Saint-Gobain Glass se presenta en Veteco con el vidrio que contribuye al glas familiar. With the Mirastar brand, Saint-Gobain sells a glass that incorporates the features of the mirror. A violent impact shatters tempered glass into many tiny non-cutting fragments Applications Generally, all windows except for the windshield.


The process is used for automobile windshields but can be also applied for laminated sidelites and laminated backlites. Saint-Gobain Sekurit leader of automotive glazing for more than 80 years. Saint-Gobain Gllass are very proud of its policy of design of new products, and say that it is well suited to environmental problems.

Persianas mallorquinas MA Thermia Barcelona. In our country we have an outstanding issue with energy savings. Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for. At the same time, it can be printed and enamel. For more information on the thermal performances of Saint-Gobain Sekurit glazing, see the chapter: Request information Ver stand virtual. Conventional mirrors have its limited use in areas with high humidity and in addition in certain applications, higher mechanical and thermal resistance provided by the temperate in safety glass is an essential requirement and conventional mirrors can’t keep it to can be mild or Thermo.

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS-VIDRIO ANTIRREFLEJO | M | Materials – Glass | Pinterest | Glass

Tempered glass is also a safety glass. The new Saint-Gobain Mirastar glass can be used both in interior and exterior. The Planitherm is glas glass of high light transmission allows to enjoy natural light that it is designed to greatly reduce energy losses through the window, improve the comfort reduce the known effect of “cold wall” that is vidrioo unpleasant in colder times and contribute to household savings.

This is why interior designers to include increasingly more mirrors in their projects. If the room’s next to the layer it is darker, the glass produces a mirror effect in the opposite side, making it impossible vision through him in this direction allowing for ‘spying’ from the side mannual the layer. The manufacturing process for tempered glass Saint-Gobain Saitn-gobain tempered glass is produced in the following stages:. Type of glass Clear, tinted and deep tinted glass Standard thickness: The greater are the gaps and greater surface glass, most relevant will be the role of the glass when it comes to preserving the heating in winter and reduce cooling in summer.


Automotive Glazing

A violent impact shatters tempered glass into many tiny non-cutting fragments. For detailed information and other thicknesses, please contact Saint-Gobain Sekurit. The mirrors are an element that have gained prominence in the world of decoration. Tolerances depend on production and measurement methods.

Try out our global customizer Discover which Saint-Gobain Sekurit glass is made for you.

The 4S Planitherm is manufactured in Spain since February of this year to ensure the best service and availability. In Spain, given our weather in many regions, there glase the concern to reduce the consumption of heating in winter at the same time that the air conditioning in summer.

Mirastar is the solution that Saint-Gobain Manuzl makes available to its customers. We strive to invent a way to reduce all inherent interior and exterior noises or vibrations, and make your drive as effortless and pleasant as possible.

We constantly aim for lighter solution to make vehicles more efficient in terms of energy consumption. It can also be used as a complete system of door or doors with one-way mirror function sections.

Saint-ogbain, it can be mild and termoendurecido even placing the layer in contact with the rollers of the oven in such a way that can be used in installations that require safety glass.

Spectral data See table below for average values given for a glass configuration of 2.