The Akashic Brotherhood are perhaps among the most esoteric of the Traditions in the Council of Nine. Deeply influenced by Asian concept of. Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension). Home · Tradition Book: Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts (Mage: The Ascension) · Read more. The Akashic Brotherhood Tradition book for Mage: The Ascension is now Members of the Scales of the Dragon Sect, the Brotherhood’s foot soldiers in the .

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In addition, all Akashic Brothers receive at least some training in Do regardless of faction. They exercise and undergo martial training to purge the body and create a proper vrotherhood for the soul. An Akashic Brother cannot use a Library background to learn Spheres, and he must make a Simple test win or tie to learn a level of Sphere magic from any mentor brltherhood tutor.

You know how they think, and why they think that way, and once in a while you know what to tell them to get their act together. As long as there have been legends to tell, people have spoken of a golden time when all the world was in harmony and people lived their lives as one with the world around them. The Akashic Brotherhood mostly consists of Mind Mages, and while they are formidible in combat, that is not their true strength.

As monists, the Jnani hope to reconcile the consciousness of the self with the Avatar which they term the “Buddha-Mind”.

Situations that would knock members of other Traditions for a loss seldom do the same to these disciplined mystics. Weightless Walk 1 Mind, 1 Corr. The balanced and enlightened man can, in time, access all layers of the universe. The Orange Robes work to increase an individual’s cognitive abilities [Mental Attributes, especially Intelligence] through reading philosophies and sutras and meditating upon the thought patterns that direct the actions of others [Manipulation].

The Brotherhood’s very individualistic belief that all people must find their own path paradoxically makes it difficult for the Brotherhood to do more than give aspiring mages a few simple tools. Still, there’s a long way to go. Rotes Inherited from the Sects The following are rotes that have been passed down or have migrated from the four Sects discussed here.


Akashic Brotherhood

Kwei was unable to make himself weightless, but could locate areas with good traction that would support his weight. Remember that such improvement i. These Brothers believe that ancient traditions force the mind into a false sense of akashiic, one that is not guided by pragmatism. However, Chang Ming was not ready for the depth of power that his newfound Style brought him.

Their mastery magee Mind also makes them fearsome opponents even outside of a brawl. The Doist increases the density of her skin while concentrating on and reacting to the actions of her attackers. During the ongoing process of bodily purification, the initiate learns that everything around her has hidden weaknesses [Sphere of Entropy] that can lead to that Pattern’s unraveling.

Identity, division and conflict are illusions. Four successes enable the Stylist mge concentrate on information gained through four sets of eyes. Through training, the Doist gains insight [Awareness] into the primal nature of the Cosmic All.

The mage memorizes the locations of “safe spots” within the range of his senses. This Sect tends to reside within the walls of the various Xiudaoyuan Chantries. Orange Robes explore the world by defining circumstances and their effects.

Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension) – PDF Free Download

Throughout history, the Kaashic Robes have been seekers of peace and knowledge and form the largest contingent of the Brotherhood. The Wizards even practice their own martial art separate from Do. Those who study Do strive to put their mind, body and magic in harmony in order to create a perfect synthesis of the soul.

Knowledges specifically designed around the spirit world are known as Yogic studies. Quick 12 session martial arts schools have taken over proper dojos, and most people would balk at studying years in order to actually make progress.

The Warring Fists use their incredible prowess to battle the enemies of the Traditions, while dieir teachings preach the Ascension of akashci individual through righteous action. Both Styles of Do teach the initiate to delve into the higher forms of spirituality and knowledge of the other worlds [Spirit Sphere].


Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension)

The resulting Tome and those copied from it teach the way of the Summoning Walk of Enlightenment. A lot has gone into the book, but we couldn’t fit everything. In direct counterpoint to the traditional members of the Brotherhood are the Li-Haiwho subscribe to Mo Tzu’s brotherhoood of utilitarian morality. All things ride upon the tide.

Their numbers grew, but slowly, and they remained watching and waiting. Pain and struggle are teachers, but not the only teachers. Inner City Boxing Trainer — Having grown up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, nobody expected you to grow up to be anything.

Members of the Blue Skin Sect are the rarest and most protected of the Akashic ranks; the Brotherhood considers those following this path of Do to be the most likely to achieve Ascension.

Akashic Yogi comprehend reality in a cyclic fashion [Sphere of Time] rather than in a linear one. Rivhaya’s face also contorted to give the Nephandi a false sense of security. By understanding how a series of events causes individuals to react, the Orange Robes learn how to become one with their environment and thus blend into their surroundings [Stealth, Arcane].

The mage gains Quintessence at a rate of one per success. Many of these sites are long lost, given the Brotherhood’s wish to keep them secret but to a chosen few. Studies of supernatural life-forms [various Lores] that find their way into the Akashic Record are often written by Yogi.

This may explain why so many rebellions, coup attempts, and general disturbances arise from the very organization that is supposed to stop such things. Some apprentices don’t learn well without close guidance, and some mages are unable to move beyond a certain point in their development without help.