Liebert-Datamate-Precision-Cooling-Systemate_1_small DataMate. , 2 & 3 Small Floor Mount Air Conditioning Units, Up and Down flow. Liebert-PDX-. Browse the various Liebert cooling and CRAC units that provide data center air conditioning for server rooms and racks for optimal efficiency. innovative solutions, allowing customers to concentrate on their business requirements. The LiebertĀ® PDX direct expansion cooling unit is equipped with the.

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Liebert Technical Information & Guide Specs | Data Center Systems, Inc.

Columbus, OhioU. CRAC units monitor and maintain the temperature, air distribution and humidity in a data center or other mission critical location. The company remained a wholly owned subsidiary untilwhen it became a division of Liebert Corporation upon the company’s initial public offering.

The older system is in perfect working condition, but is just too small to power such a large facility. Computers and racks are placed about two tiles apart, with their air intakes facing each other. Better Service We have been technology specialists for over 20 years. Liebert as Capitol Refrigeration Liebetr inLiebert Corporation was formed in as the industry’s first [ citation needed ] designer and manufacturer of computer room air conditioning CRAC systems.

Liebert (company)

Unlts to the mainframe computer data-processing market, Liebert CRAC systems were the first totally redundant, self-contained units capable of maintaining air temperature, humidity and ccrac quality within the precision tolerances necessary for media and equipment used in these rooms and taking advantage of the raised floor plenums typically found in such rooms. Units can be purchased with extended warranties. Views Read Edit View history.


The company strengthened this division in with the acquisition of Franklin Electric subsidiary Programmed Power Corporation.

A remanufactured unit will come with zero hour compressors, new relays, belts, bearings, filters, condensate pump, and will have a fresh coat of paint. Computer companies of the United States Cooling technology Manufacturing companies based in Ohio Computer companies established in establishments in Ohio.

Liebert Corporation, a business of Vertivis a global manufacturer of power, precision cooling and infrastructure management systems for mainframe computer, server racks, and critical process systems.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohiothe business employs more than 1, people across 12 manufacturing plants worldwide. The New York Times. Big Selection We have a large selection of equipment – ready to ship. Emerson Network Power Liebert Services specializes in network reliability programs including design, engineering, installation, project management and on-site operations management, preventive maintenance and energy-consumption monitoring for data centers, telecom networks and other mission-critical applications.

One popular buildout for a computer room is using Downflow CRAC units to push cool air underneath raised access flooring. We libert refurbished and remanufactured units.

Liebert (company) – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat CRAC units then pull in the hot air and release it underneath the floor tiles, making a complete cycle. Please call us to discuss the options. The acquisition expanded the capabilities of the company’s power division to include the design and manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies.


Each basic type has advantages and disadvantages, more about which you can read here. Instead of adding a new CRAC unit, they may upgrade to a larger tonnage. Retrieved from ” https: As the CRAC unit pumps cool air through the perforated floor tiles, the racks intake the air and exhaust hot air into the opposing hot aisle.

There are five basic types including air cooled systems 2-pieceair cooled self-contained systems 1-pieceglycol cooled systems, water cooled systems, and chilled water systems. Louis, Missouri in A refurbished unit will be tested, and comes with new relays, belts and filters. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April This is essential as the kinds of equipment found in these locations such as UPS power equipment, server racks, etc can reach levels of heat that jeopardize your unit stability.

The systems we sell primarily come out of working data centers. InLiebert launched sister company Conditioned Power Corporation to design and manufacture power distribution, conditioning and monitoring systems for the data processing industry. Save a lot of money and get a great working CRAC unit that meets your specific cooling needs. Liebert Corporation was acquired liebeet Emerson Electric Co. Founded by Ralph C.