Whitepaper explaining how PHPInfo can be used to assist with the exploitation of LFI vulnerabilities on PHP when combined with the file. [WEB SECURITY] Insomnia: Whitepaper – LFI With PHPInfo Assistance. MustLive mustlive at Fri Sep 30 EDT. Hello All, This paper explains a way to lead code execution using LFI with PHPINFO.

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The problem occurs when those inclusion functions are poorly-written and controlled by users. Just upload a file that contain php code, include it. Note that the User-Agent Header has been modified. On the scenario set before we can imagine that the code responsible for the language choice looks like this:.

Such files are the Apache error log, the Access log and more. The previous example though is not user controlled. As mentioned previously, the idea is to find an accessible log file and poison it with a malicious input.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: July 20, at 5: But, as a developer, it’s nice to know all the extensions and their versions, etc. An attacker could easily exploit such a mistake.

If conducted successfully, It might allow attackers to read sensitive information, access configuration files or even execute system commands remotely.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By making multiple upload posts to the PHPInfo script, and carefully controlling the reads, it is possible to retrieve the name of the temporary file and make a request to the LFI script specifying the temporary file name. Email Required, but never shown. Although not normally noticeable, wjth IS possible to retrieve partial output content while the PHP processor is still operating on a requested file. This script will be used to include the file uploaded through the PHPInfo script.


WebApp Sec: Insomnia: Whitepaper – LFI With PHPInfo Assistance

It’s security through obscurity. In the paper, Gynvael Coldwind, includes a method of exploiting this behaviour on Windows systems through the use of the FindFirstFile quirk. This file hosts the initial environment of the Apache aith. On this web application the vulnerability exists on the index. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

They need to work for their exploits. It was filed under Local file inclusion asxistance, Web Hacking.

[WEB SECURITY] Insomnia: Whitepaper – LFI With PHPInfo Assistance

Security through obscurity isn’t a valid means of protecting servers but, conversely, there’s no point in telling the “bad guys” which buggy version of a piece of software you’re running.

On the following screencaps, an invalid request is sent to the vulnerable application. Most commonly, the include statement is used. A asistance way to achieve this – especially at non-advanced applications – phpingo by asking the user for a language preference. On the following lines we are going to see how we can detect and exploit Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities with a final goal to execute remote system commands.

You can find it available here: You are commenting using your WordPress. Here is how a similar response to the following request would look like:.

This technique has been proven both against local network machines, as well lfu against remote targets over the Internet. Is there a really good reason to leave phpinfo on? I actually know only 4 LFI exploitation technique, qith they are: This information merely adds to what webtoe has to say, but it’s yet another attack surface you should be weary of when you consider if your users really need phpinfo access.


Again, with Burp this is the malicious request sent. The question should be: Supposing that the user prefers English, the application will go and request the file phpinco which its contents are displayed in English.

LFI With PHPInfo Assistance

By listening on port we can see that a shell has been received. If you are not familiar with File Descriptors, here is an introduction. Here is a list with some of them.

Thus, the environmental variable User-Agent is likely to appear there. This doesn’t mean they won’t try, but they will asistance to try a lot harder. Depending on the server configuration it is often possible to convert these into code pypinfo primitives through known techniques such as;? More in-depth techniques will be covered on the following writings.

Or is this just an overzealous precaution? As this is a well known technique it is likely that the environ file will be inaccessible.

LFI With PHPInfo Assistance ≈ Packet Storm

I suggest you to surf a little before trying to include the phpsessid, touch at everything, modify options, etc. I guess the fear is that a hacker could somehow get phpinfo to run from injected php and ppinfo out all the extensions that are installed, their versions, etc. But well, the best option is the non dynamic include. This entry was posted on March 10, by Rioru Zheoske.