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Journal of Immigrant Minority Health published online March 9, The authors suggest that the role le middle managers in healthcare innovation implementation has been overlooked. They find that accuracy varies little by sociodemographic group and that behavioral analyses are largely unaffected by misreporting.

Rigorous research on the relative accuracy of alternative estimators of outcome quality has been extremely limited. The researchers sought to quantify error of a Deformable Image Registration DER system and to establish lye quality assurance procedure.

ley 18216 actualizada pdf viewer

Los consumidores se suman a la lucha contra la pub The researchers note that the lack of evidence from large randomized, controlled studies has prevented major professional or other expert groups from making recommendations on screening asymptomatic individuals for lung cancer, even if they have histories of heavy or long-term smoking.

Finally, they suggest assigning numerical values of risk-benefit perceptions from surveys of patients and physicians.

Mala praxis al no hacer a tiempo la prueba que des Journal of Nursing Care Quality 27 1pp. The researchers examined whether tribal language use by American Indians was associated with knowledge and use of colorectal cancer screening CRC.


El Parlamento de Navarra acuerda personarse en el This editorial discusses a rigorous clinical trial in the same journal issue that looked at whether vitamin D supplementation can reduce upper respiratory tract infections in healthy adults.

The tool poses 48 questions related to evidence of need, efficacy, medication safety, misuse potential, cost issues, and decisionmaking process. La Seeic pide ordenar los sectores que cubren la e The nurses reported finding the hands-on practice the most valuable aspect of the training.

In this study, the researchers performed a simulation experiment to test the accuracy of five alternative outcome estimators. PLoS Medicine 9 5p. As electronic health records EHRs continue to be implemented in health care settings, debate continues as to their actual impact on clinical outcomes.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 19, pp. A human factors assessment.

La nueva receta privada garantiza la seguridad del Colegios profesionales y Sociedades de AP de Madri Further reports will provide outcome definitions and estimated hazard ratios for adverse events. One conclusion was that patients are more likely to not receive necessary procedures and to leyy on weekends. This conclusion is based on a review of 11 studies, only 4 of which were randomized.

Because of the poor quality of these studies, no conclusions could be drawn. Attitudes and practices of primary care physicians. In addition, this disruption took a long time before rates returned back to normal.

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This approach permits the development of a semantic network that aligns well with the top-level information structure in clinical research eligibility criteria text, and demonstrates the feasibility of using the resulting semantic role labels to generate semistructured eligibility criteria with nearly perfect interrater reliability. In pediatrics, EHRs have been shown to improve the rates and timeliness of immunizations. Since the methodological quality of abstracts submitted to national surgical meetings has not been previously described, it is uncertain to what degree they achieve scientific merit and research quality.


They also encourage more discussion of assumptions about these drugs. The process seeks to prevent patient harm by reporting and correcting flaws in processes that can undercut the work of clinicians.

BMC Nephrology 13, p. After reviewing human-factors principles for relevance to medication-related decision support alerts, the authors built the Instrument for Evaluating Human-Factors Principles in Medication-Related Decision Support Alerts I-MeDeSA in order to assess the extent to which a given interface design incorporates these human-factors principles.

GESTIÓN EN SALUD PÚBLICA: Research Activities, February Research Briefs

International Journal for Quality 24 4pp. Archives of Internal Medicinepp. Medical Actualjzada 39 8p. Misdiagnoses in doctor’s office can do harm: To encourage patient-centered research, in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality initiated a new effort to better define patient-centered research needs from selected systematic reviews.

The investigators used a once-monthly high dose of vitamin D, which has been linked to the lowest risk of respiratory infections in observational studies on healthy adults. Journal of the American Medical Association 11pp.