El Caso del Creador. Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan Hacia Dios. by Lee Strobel (Author),. Share. El caso del creador: Un periodista investiga evidencias científicas que apuntan hacia Dios. (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lee Strobel: : Kindle Store. Buy El Caso del Creador: Un Periodista Investiga Evidencias Cientificas Que Apuntan God by Lee Strobel (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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When a friend recommended this book to me, I was intrigued. As many reviewers have said, this book is not convincing from a true skeptic’s point of view. Conclusions cdeador that are dangerously essentialist and just poor practice for any student of history.

At the end, Strobels speaks of his own conversion, and you can’t help but feel that the whole “skeptic atheist” thing was a bit of a ploy actually, it feels like a ploy all along.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. After about the third interview, I strobwl to actually feel uncomfortable for him in that he was still trying to keep up this charade of confrontational skepticism.

The Case for a Creator A journalist investigates scientific evidence that points toward God. Other books in the series. It was a tough read His flip smugness about the “one true religion” borders on offensive at times. When reading his accounts of these interviews, I did not feel persuaded that Strobel was being convinced of the evidence for Christianity via his investigation, but that he was already convinced prior to the interviews, and that the interviews themselves are little more than a rhetorical device.

Representing both sides of any argument is vital not only in a legal setting, but in journalism especially. I am a strong believer and it did This book was just ok to me. Sorry no, for something like that you’re going to have to do better than ‘people said they saw him. Refresh and try again. Sometimes, you just need to go for it with a book, and this felt like one of them.


Because they knew it was! Each chapter features an interview with a different Christian theologian, purportedly to address a different essential question of Christianity such as “Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

One such would be Jesus’ brother, James, to whom Jesus is supposed to have appeared, so that thereafter James was a lifelong believer who died because of his faith. When the scholar answers the question, Strobel says on almost every occasion”well that makes sense.

In the book, Jesus and Christianity are the defendants, and Strobel’s witnesses mostly theologians, with a few historians, a medical doctor, and a Christian psychologist are suitable witnesses for the defendants. When I first read Who Moved the Stone?

El Caso Del Creador

The book is presented as a court case, in which the defendants are Jesus and his Church, and each chapter presents a new type of evidence such as medical, identity, corroborating, or profile and a new expert witness. Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll encounter mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator.

There’s nothing wrong with using rhetorical devices in apologetics, but then you shouldn’t pretend it’s something other than a device, and Strobel pretends it’s an empirical investigation born of doubt; I think this tactic is very much going to hurt his case with atheists and agnostics who will see it perhaps not wrongly as a ploy and then consequently discount the very real and otherwise persuasive evidence he does present.

Lee Patrick Strobel is an American Christian author, journalist, apologist and pastor.


El Caso Del Creador by Lee Strobel (2 star ratings)

One of the best Christian apologetic books, “The Case for Christ” makes a weak, diluted case, which says volumes about the field. That being said, the book does have some positive aspects. But it seemed like he was too easily convinced. This is established in the introduction, maintained at the outset of the first So, where to start?

However, if you are Christian, you might find the book enhances your faith. His detractors are allowed to have a small voice in his book, but they are just as easliy explained away often as Straw Men, not actually making the claims he cawo they make without much consideration of their work.

The investigation is therefore entirely one-sided and shallow, and the pat, easy conclusions are suspect. He accepts literally every argument advanced by his interview subjects, without exception.

Trivia About The Case for Christ.

Lee Strobel

However, by preserving stories and allowing them to be mostly unchanged for nearly 2, years, while it is quite impressive, does not make the literature true. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What makes me skeptical is the sheer amount of time Strobel wastes describing to us the accolades and characters of the figures he is interviewing I began to srrobel through these after a while.

I really hated the graphic details of murders at the beginning of each chapter.