Learning Perl (Nutshell Handbooks) [Randal L. Schwartz] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learning Perl is designed for those who seek a. by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, and brian d foy O’Reilly Media, Inc. Learning Perl, the image of a llama, and related trade dress are. Learning Perl, better known as “the Llama book”, starts the programmer on the way to mastery. Written by three prominent members of the Perl community who.

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Feb 19, Rob rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 18, Michael Economy rated it really liked it Shelves: I was 15 and had tried learning C for a little over a year, trying to fit into a group of friends who were writing window managers for fun. The Perl language is explained in a clear and easy to understand manner, and introduces good coding style and practices. The book was short enough that I read it through once without really doing any programming, and schwratz went through it a bj time working everything, which meant that I was able to get a broad overview and then hammer out the specifics, which is the way I operate best.

Its a definite must for anybody wanting or needing to learn Perl. At first I thought this book was full of chit-chat with so many footnotes but by the end of it, it helped me really understand the basics of Perl. Retrieved June 23, That said, should that need come oearning, I believe that this is book where I would re-start.

So if you’re working on something more than a simple script, you will need to find some other place to read about references and other more advanced topics, which are not really advanced, but the book skips them as probably covering them would have made the book size oearning to be around pages.


Retrieved from ” https: The chapter assignments are helpful, although I’m concerned that with only three to four assignments per chapter Pperl missing key concepts which will be called on in later chapters.

Learning Perl, 7th Edition

I have programmed in Python and a little bit in C and I think this book is great – and so is perl. You will see more footnotes than anyother book. How Can I Get Perl?

I read this when the first edition came out, but have been away from the language for a while, and picking it up piecemeal was getting old. The text explains concepts well, and the end-of-chapter exercises are designed to reinforce what you’ve just rwndal, integrating with anything you learned earlier, and also to stretch your imagination. Seeing as I am predominately a web programmer, this is fantastic.

Learning Perl, 6th Edition

Feb 22, Manny rated it it was ok Shelves: Jan 06, Kelly added it. Schwartz as a reference to the Perl programming language. And any programmer knows how important order is.

So much for the ‘hacker ethic’?

Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Why Use a Hash? Learning Perlalso known as the llama book[1] is a tutorial book for the Perl programming language, and is published by O’Reilly Media.

I’ve actually read this in russian. Don’t be fooled by their wiles: Schwartz on September schwaryz, 3: Seems like I’ve taken more than one version of this class, in person, online, they’re everywhere.

Learning Perl – Wikipedia

I shall supply you an answer. With IT Support rapidly becoming so automated and out-sourced, it seems to me that my current job will one day be replaced by ranxal robot in India, likely. Pperl then, Perl has blossomed into a full-featured programming language used for web programming, database manipulation, XML processing, and system administration–on practically all platforms–while remaining the favorite tool for the small daily tasks it was designed for. My web browser’s dictionary does not recognize the word “indices.


A Whirlwind Tour of Perl Exercises 2. Thirdly, information is presented in a kindly manner typical of books published by O’Reilly instead of the general chaos of some other programming references I’ve read. Open Randl See a Problem? Views Read Edit View history.

I felt that it was a really good introduction to programming, as well as a fairly good introduction to Perl. It is certainly not the most comprehensive book on the subject, but the simple but effective description and the exercises at the end of each chapter did a lot to help me grasp programming principles and reinforce them.

Trivia About Learning Perl. Totally recommend it for anyone who is thinking about “learning perl”. Perl is the language for people who want to get wor Learning Perlbetter known as “the Llama book”, starts the programmer on the way to mastery.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This book is absolutely marvelous and I just read the second edition; little did I know that there were newer ones. If you want to learn Perl, then this book should be your starting point.

While it’s radnal about the basics, it’s still worth reading, as what can seem very clear to you in other programming languages, would probably be so hard to understand in perl. This was my first real programming book not counting others that I bought but never got far enough it to really make a difference.