Las hortensias [Felisberto Hernández] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edición de Creative Commons Uruguay con el texto revisado por la Fundación Felisberto Hernández en el marco de un convenio de. As hortensias / Las hortensias has ratings and 18 reviews. O livro traz, em edição bilíngue, português e espanhol, uma novela e três contos de um dos.

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New Directions, here I come. I read it 2 yrs ago, in an anthology, for the Spanish month event you and Stu sponsored. The Adventures of Big Beery Hace 4 meses. It’s certainly worth looking for, but the new New Directions reprint of Felisberto’s Piano Stories should make things easier if you can’t find or read a version in Spanish. Felisberto did specialize in short stories “The Hdrnndez being one of my favorites by himbut he also wrote a handful of novellas that I hope to dive into next month.

I have only read ‘The Daisy Dolls’, but hope to see copies of the two story collections from New Directions.

New Directions also put out Lands of Memorytranslated by Esther Allen, which pairs two novellas and four short stories. Eight Novellas anthology Harper Collins, almost two years ago. A Work in Progress.


Las Hortensias

We are alarmed to see how this new falsification of the original sin–which we already have spoken about in other editions–is making new inroads into our world. Best Wishes for the New Year!

Scott, you’re going to enjoy The Daisy Dolls once you get to it. Good-byewelcome ! Surprisingly enough, there’s a fair amount of Felisberto material in English unlike with Sergio Pitol or Alfonso Reyes.

I still haven’t read anything by him, I read hortenssias was just a short-story writer, with a fantastic vein.

His Futile Preoccupations …. The Three Degrees was that ’60’s Philly vocal trio who sang the unforgettable “Maybe.

Anyway, there should be a movie adaptation of Las Hortensias ; however, I’d settle for a so-so documentary about its author. Richard 1 de febrero de I have, like, one semester of Spanish classes in my past.

Richard 27 de enero de Is there one, I wonder? Rise 28 de enero de I want hlrtensias on the Felisberto cult. My books of the year, — favourites from a year of reading Hace 1 semana. Italian book tour photos! Well, if I may count myself among one of your Aira-loving friends, then I feel almost obliged to read this though to be frank, I find dolls nearly as creepy as clowns.

As hortensias / Las hortensias

Rise of the great in lieu of a field guide just reminded me that he actually wrote about Harss’ translation of The Daisy Dolls in a post on the Masterworks of Latin American Short Fiction: Would be sure to be a winner! Hortendias Around The Corner. Suscribirse a Entradas Atom. Homelessness in Dublin Hace 4 meses. Pages home about feed tags index.


Caravana de recuerdos: Las Hortensias

Seriously, I’d be totally surprised if say you and Rise and Tom and even secret Aira fan Frances read this novella and didn’t like it. Partly perhaps as a substitute for the child that they cannot have 44and also we’re told partly because of hdrnndez fears of mortality and particularly of the possibility his wife might pre-decease him 20Horacio acquires a collection of life-size dolls that he has arranged in a series of tableaux vivants.

As far as the Three Degrees, that spoken word intro at the beginning of “Maybe” could have almost been spoken by one of Horacio’s “love interests” in the novella.