Title: Oscuros: La primera maldición (rapture), Author: Lizeth Puente, Name: Oscuros: La Versión online del cuarto libro de la saga Oscuros de Lauren Kate . La primera maldición (Oscuros 4) – Ebook written by Lauren Kate. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for. Results 31 – 60 of Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Lauren-Kate books online. Free delivery Oscuros 4. La primera maldición. 14% off.

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I sure as hell thought we would get something, but nope; still nothing. Who even cares if the world’s about to maldivion and we essentially kill over 7 billiion people as long as I’m with you it’s all okay! I think a few people actually call her “strong” and laud her bravery and intelligence, which is just laughable. No eran de carne y hueso, sino de materia divina, de luz. The funny thing is that Luce explains her leaving Lucifer for Daniel by saying that Lucifer was too controlling.

Primega ya lo ha hecho. Oh and Daniel telling her that he would accept her the way she was? Luce during most of the book is pretty much the usual bleak, lost puppy that can’t do anything without Daniel that we all know and love to hate.

I can’t imagine the absolute bloody torment of living with the person who embodies Mission Impossible.

And here I thought he and Arriane will make a good jaldicion The Outcasts can’t take that away from you. Did I already say that? God is depicted as a dictator and the love story is basically celestial hormones. He is the ideal guy every girl will die for!


There is maldiciln scene where they are trying to get this relic from in a submerged church and Luce and Daniel have a conversation earlier and it goes something along the lines laruen I don’t have the book on me right now so I can’t remember the exact quote “But what if something happens to me while I’m down there?


I could think of several even worse endings. It starts off rather slow for my taste.

I am totally calm right now. I don’t think this is the worst laurem I’ve ever read, but I can’t say that it wouldn’t be on my top five.

Rapture Quotes

Arriane says the boy-his name was Benezet-had a vision for angels, but not for architecture. However, I still want them as they used to be, angels, immortality, and being totally in love. I will leave it at this- For the sake of your sanity, don’t read this series. Or we could have the carrot ones. Like Maodicion said, the book was a bit overwritten, and the feelings descriptions were a bit over the top and cheesy.

After a clattering of china and spoons stirring sugar into tea, Luce cleared her throat. What could be simpler?

Nobody’s relationship is worth other people’s deaths, and I’m so tired of this trope in fiction. Cam is not a bad character, not at all. View all 7 comments. Oh, and really, Luce is going to give God conditions for making a decision??? There’s nothing fun about them. We know the general area of where primerra are, but not their exact location Me: His love life is truly tragic and even if he’s a demon, he’s a really good person and doesn’t deserve such a thing I’m talking about his valentines day in Fallen in Love.

In your office you must have had-” “I became emeritus thirteen years ago, Daniel.

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I really just wanted to find out what happened next. The glass pane rattled, and the sill vibrated with such force that she was almost knocked off the ledge. Also because I had a feeling we didn’t actually see what happens to him amldicion the epilogue.


Every chapter in this book is a revelation. Luce literally looks at Daniel once, and then snap!

Kate write at least one book with this flawless devil. In doing so, they will find the site of the Fall and will be able to stop Lucifer. The first chapters aren’t anything important and we deal with the usual measure of stupid by the lead couple so there’s that.

His eyes filled with tears. katd

And yes I am that cute because I knew you all were wondering And just the whole truth being revealed about Luce being an angel. Was it all just hopeless?

This is going to be a very long nine days. But I guess since she’s human she can’t do anything among immortal fallen angels. Just tell me, Kate, why do all of your decent characters have to have such minor roles view spoiler [ or die?

But all of this pales against the atrocity of page There are things in this world that are more important than love. And I still fucking hate Daniel’s guts he can go die in a fucking bottomless pit with his sparkle-sparkle purple wings and never show up in my life again for as much as I care about him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that view spoiler [basically nothing happened hide spoiler ]but at the same time, I’m disappointed because the series built up to that deciding moment, and I was left wondering, “That’s it?!?

I don’t need all of this! They have long worked closely with angels. The ending was sweet, though. Basically, I’m surprised that I didn’t feel disappointment after finishing this final installment.