L-Acoustics MTD P is a great sounding, high class monitor that everyone will 5 x P units from used in a permanent venue with little usage and in. We have for sale a used L-Acoustics P Loudspeaker Package, this is all in good condition and the price shown is for 1 x Package. For Sale: L ACOUSTICS P WEDGES [PRICED PER UNIT – 2 AVAILABLE AT TIME OF LISTING] Viewed times.

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L-Acoustics P old colour Used, Second hand 1, An enhanced version of Pro Logic.

It’s one of the only boxes you’ll find that actually goes ‘all the way’ rather than passing out when l-acoustice turn the volume control to max. Dolby Pro Logic II: L-Acoustics X12 Ex Demo 6, L-Acoustics P Used, Second hand 1, A Line Array is perfect for medium to large audiences. L-Acoustics is a French manufacturer l-axoustics loudspeakers, and signal processing devices for rental and installed sound markets.

Both can be deployed with the SB15P subwoofer when low frequency extension is required. Sleek design, high-grade Baltic birch l-acoistics, and all the quality you’d expect from a French speaker manufacturer help to make L-Acoustics an excellent solution.

Bandwidth l-acouxtics also refer to the transmission capacity of an electronic communications device or system; the speed of data transfer…very important when planning a meeting for the attendees to stay connected. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.

A component that divides an audio signal into two or more ranges by frequency, sending, for example, low frequencies to one output and high frequencies to another.

L-Acoustics 112P

A Dolby Digital processor found in most new receivers, preamps, and some DVD players can decode this signal back into the 5. A decibel is one tenth of a Bel. Combining the benefits of on-board amplification and DSP, the P Series offers comprehensive transducer protection, l-acoustocs precise system drive engine and an optimized on-board preset library. A component that increases the gain or level of l-acuostics audio signal.


The star of this self-powered speaker box is probably the coaxial speaker, with the 3″ compression driver tucked nicely in the middle of the 12″ LF driver.

A measure, usually in watts, of how much energy is modulated by a component.

P Powered coaxial speaker: 12” LF + 3” HF diaphragm – Factory Sound

A connection with three conductors: People perceive spaciousness by the delay between the arrival of direct and reflected sound larger spaces cause longer delays. This requires an RF demodulator usually referred to as an AC3-RF demodulator before or in the surround processor to decode the signal. An unwanted portion of a signal such as hiss, hum, whine, static, or buzzing.

A 3dB difference equates to a doubling of power. L-Acoustics P new colour Used, Second hand.

Uses some proprietary features, but mostly assures l-acouatics base quality level for a given room size. The transmission of current or voltage from the output of a device back to the input, where it interacts with the input signal to modify operation of the device.

Sometimes referred to as 7.

L-Acoustics 112P Loudspeaker

A gradual increase in audio, i. It can sometimes be found on DVD-Video. Rental businesses appreciate the P Series for its low system set-up costs, as well as the simplified logistics, storage, handling, transportation and inventory management it offers. This is the unit in which audio signals are directed from. With a power rating of w 8ohms, P also has some clever DSP onboard, to manage the system crossover network, driver time alignment, and dual protection of the loudspeaker components.


Nobody agrees l-aciustics which. Is compatible with l-acoustjcs and all soundtrack formats. An improvement on Dolby B that provides about twice as much noise reduction. Root Mean Square or the square root of the arithmetic mean average of the square’s set of values. Since then, coaxial technology has been implemented in all L-Acoustics point sources and constitutes the heart of the P Series and X Series.

A passive crossover uses no external power and results in insertion loss. When RF-modulated, it was included on some laser discs, which requires an RF-demodulator before the signal can be decoded. A measure of the impediment to the flow of alternating current, measured in ohms at a given frequency. Low frequencies; those below approximately Hz.

A type of equalizer with sliding controls that creates a pattern representing a graph of the frequency-response changes. L-Acoustics X8 Used, Second hand L-Acoustics X8 Used, Second hand.

Same as low cut. An enhancement of the Dolby Surround decoding process. Compression scheme used to transfer audio files via the Internet and store in portable players and digital audio servers. The difference between the lowest and the highest levels; in audio, it’s often expressed in decibels.

For either premium stage monitoring, or as a ‘mid-high’ box for compact front-of-house sound reinforcement, L-Acoustics P is your secret weapon. A digital sound recording l-acoustiics, originally developed for theatrical film soundtracks, starting with 1112p Park.

A measurement of 20 to 20, Hz, 3dB means those frequencies between 20 and l-acousfics, Hz can be reproduced no more than 3 dB above or below a reference frequency level.