Kurt Vonnegut is one of the most popular novelists in America, and his popularity seems to be increasing. His latest, “Slapstick, or Lonesome. While a young PR man at General Electric, KURT VONNEGUT () sold his first short story to one of the many literary publications that were thriving. Slapstick [Kurt Vonnegut] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Flying to a favorite uncle’s funeral in Indianapolis, middle-aged Kurt Vonnegut.

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So why don’t you take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut? But it wasn’t so out front! Vonnegut explains the title himself in the opening lines of the book’s prologue: I get the feeling that he was just slapstivk for filler in a book that was already chock full of nothing anyway.

Slapstick or Lonesome No More!

At one point, he is visited by a miniature Chinese man who is interested in ‘genius’ writings vonbegut Eliza and Wilbur hid in the mansion. The story skips around to different periods but is generally told chronologically to explain his current existence in the Empire State Building on the solitary island of Manhattan.

Vonnegut adopted and raised her three children.

Everyone with the same name would be cousins, and everyone with the same name and number would be siblings. This is what happens when daddy is an absurdist, but rules like a fascist King. It’s the same concept tying people to religions, jobs, political parties, clubs, etc Slapstick, or Lonesome No More! Chapters 6 and 7. And this is no longer possible.


I liked this one. She thinks she could endure her role better if her children showed one glimmer of intelligence. What Vonnegut does so well is adding these ideas to post-apocalyptic visions.

Slapstick: Or, Lonesome No More! Summary & Study Guide

But, as brilliant as we were when we put our heads together, we did not guess until we were fifteen that we were vonneguy in the midst of a tragedy. She felt that the majority of the Americans she had met didn’t understand or respect family, that many of the people she encountered didn’t know their grandparents or revere them or even their parents.

He points out that political leaders in the USA are actually families of leaders that have been around for decades, much like our current leaders. Jun 25, Ethan rated it it was ok. Chapters 23, 24, and Note that I am giving this book a low rating as compared to Vonnegut’s other books, and is not necessarily reflective of my opinion of it as a fine work of fiction. It can only prepare us to be surprised again. Some parts were a bit bizarre, but still a good read.

Vonnegut is concerned about the transitoriness of the modern lifestyle, wherein people are forced to leave their familial and cultural roots and trade those for professional and financial security. The Prologue is one of his most personal pieces of writing, as is the work itself — revolving, as it does, around the death of Kurt’s sister and the close bond they always shared.


She said that she My first Vonnegut book. But the structure is casual, conversational, like a fireside story telling. He had written the best selling novel about child care with his best friend and twin sister. Jul 31, Donovan rated it really liked it Shelves: Wilbur is able to communicate to Eliza through it. Wilbur gives away his last remaining pills of tri-benzo-Deportamil and has sex with the widow during his arduous withdrawal period. I only picked this one up ’cause I never see old editions of it and Josh said it’s his favorite.

It was a rental: I have relatives of my own to look after. We don’t really question these things. In his novel he describes a Church of Jesus Christ the Kidnapped which becomes a dominant American religion in the post-apocalyptic world of the novel.

Slapstick (novel) – Wikipedia

Follow Us on Facebook. I wish I had her address because I’d send her this book. You know Kurt Vonnegut has the events well in hand, and isn’t just making it up as he goes along. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Apr 23, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: Standing among all those tiny, wavering lights, I felt as though I were God, up to my knees vlnnegut the Milky Way.

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