Welcome to Kobo’s Support Documents page. You’ll find the user guide, warranty , and other documents for your Kobo eReader or tablet below. . Kobo Vox. Troubleshooting missing books on your Kobo eReader or Kobo Books app · Resuming the Kobo Vox setup Kobo Vox – User Guide (PDF). Navigating the Home Screen on your Kobo Vox Troubleshooting missing books on your Kobo eReader or Kobo Books app Kobo Vox – User Guide.

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Anatomy of kobbo Kobo Vox Kobo Vox User Guide Changing the page theme Viewing pictures and video Your Kobo Vox is more than just kibo eReader — it’s also a great way to surf the Web, listen to music, watch movies, play games, access apps and share what you’re reading online with the Kobo Community. Connect a pair of headphones to listen to music, video, and audio books.

Volume button Ereaver the volume buttons to increase or decrease the audio Kobo Vox User Guide Charging your Kobo Vox Before using your Kobo Vox for the first time, charge it for two hours so that it has enough power to complete the set up process.

A battery icon at the top right corner of the screen shows you how much power you have left on your Kobo Vox. Press and hold the power button for two seconds. To turn Kobo Vox off: Press and hold the power button until a dialog box appears. The main difference is that when you put vvox Kobo Vox to sleep and then wake it up, you go directly back to the last screen you saw.

The screen automatically locks to prevent you from accidentally opening your book or apps. Swipe left or right on the screen.

To view the books on your Home Screen: Tap the book cover. The book will automatically open within the Kobo app. Using the touch screen You can touch your Kobo Vox screen to select items, open books, turn pages, and more.

In many cases you can just touch the screen lightly with a fingertip to interact with it. There are a few other gestures that you may find useful. The keyboard appears when you tap on any area that requires you to enter text. To close the keyboard, tap the Back button on your Kobo Vox. To enter special characters on the keyboard: You can sign in and out of your Kobo account and your Facebook account.

Switching Users Changing Kobo Accounts If you want to share your device with someone else, you can change Kobo accounts any time. If you sign out and change Kobo accounts, you will lose eteader annotations. Use the date and time During the initial setup, Kobo Vox guides you through setting the correct date and time.


If your date and time are gujde, you may not be able to complete the Kobo account creation. If required, you can change the date and time on the Kobo Ereder at any time. Turning off your Wi Fi connection also conserves battery power. Kogo Airplane mode, your Kobo Vox will stop scanning for wireless connections.

Select the checkbox beside Airplane mode. To open a book, simply tap the book cover.

The Kobo mosaic is a widget that you can remove or add at any time. You can also move the Kobo mosaic by holding it, then dragging it to the edges of Opens the usdr recommendation page. Opens the Kobo bookstore. In the Kobo Book Store, you can shop for free books, top rated books, and more. To visit the Kobo Store from your Kobo library: Tap the Store icon.

To change library views: Within your library, tap the Menu button on your Kobo Vox. Select how usre would like your books organized on the shelf.

Kobo Vox User Guide Viewing additional book options Within your Library, you can view additional guife options like book ereaer, deleting a book, Facebook sharing settings, and more.

To view additional book options: Tap the Library icon on the top left corner of the screen. To open a book on the Home Screen: Kobo Vox User Guide To open a book from your library: Swipe up or down to scroll through your book eteader. Tap the desired book cover to open the book. Changing text size and style To change the text size and style while reading: Tap the Menu button on your Kobo Vox.

Drag the slider to the left to decrease font size, or to the right to increase font size. You can change the theme of the page so that you can read better in the dark, or even change the colour of the page to look like a vintage novel. To change the page theme: While reading, press the Menu button on your Kobo Vox. Tap the Appearance icon. Tap the centre of the screen to resume reading. Adjusting screen brightness in the Kobo app You can adjust the screen brightness to your desired comfort level.

To manually adjust screen brightness: While reading, tap the Menu button on your Kobo Gukde. Turn your tablet 90 degrees to the left or right. The page will automatically rotate. The page will not rotate if the Kobo Vox is on a flat surface. Closing a book To close a book while reading: Tap the centre of the screen to open the Reading Menu, then tap the Library icon.

Kobo Vox User Guide Closing a book and removing a bookmark Closing a book will remove the book from your Home Screen the top 5 books in the Kobo Mosaic and remove your bookmarks. Your annotations will not be deleted. Kobo Vox User Guide Highlight the text: Tap and hold the icon to move to the general area where you want to highlight. To delete a highlight: Press and hold the highlight you want to delete on the page.


This can be useful if you study a passage, or want to add comments to your highlights. To add notes while ereacer highlight text: Press and hold your finger over the text you want to highlight. Tap Share to post your message ereadef the wall or set your status. Looking up definitions Your Kobo Vox has a dictionary that you eeader use to search for unfamiliar words.

You can also view how many people have read the uzer, how many comments were made on the book, and more.

Navigating a book on your Kobo Vox –

Commenting on a page lets you share your thoughts with the Kobo Community anyone with a Kobo account who is also signed in. Note that comments you share are viewable by the Kobo Community, and do not appear on Facebook.

Likes and comments on a page. Turning off social reading settings also turns off Facebook Timeline sharing.

Kobo Vox specifications

To turn social reading on or off: Tap the Social Settings icon. Reading Life lets you earn awards, notifies you of awards, and view your reading stats. There are many ways to earn Reading Life awards, such as reading your book during a certain time of day, or by simply adding your first book to your library. While reading, you may encounter reading notifications from Reading Life.

You can disable or enable these notifications. To turn reading notifications on or off: Tap the Reading icon. Facebook account on your Kobo Vox, Facebook timeline is automatically turned on for all books.

Navigating a book on your Kobo Vox

This means that as soon as you log in to Ereadsr on your Kobo Vox, all your books will be automatically shared onto Facebook Timeline. You can turn sharing back on at any time. To turn Facebook Timeline sharing off: If your books came from the Gjide Store, you can add them to your eReader using a wireless connection. Pinch the screen to zoom out of the page.

Kobo Vox User Guide To stop voice-overs while reading: Tap the centre of the screen. Tap the Stop icon to pause the audio.