Kishanganga hydropower project will provide 13% free power to Jammu and Kashmir including 1% for local area development fund amounting. Kishanganga Power station (3xMW) is located on Kishanganga River, a tributary of river Jhelum in Bandipora District of Jammu & Kashmir. It comprises. The first MW turbine-generator unit at the MW Kishanganga hydro project in India has been commissioned, according to a press.

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Dawood If, as you say, Kashmir belongs to Pakistan, then we should not object India spending its money to develop Kashmir. It would also mean that Pakistan has “surrendered” its right to raise disputes before international courts, the report added. We have sent you a verification email.

Pakistan had protested the inauguration claiming that the project on a river flowing into Pakistan will disrupt water supplies. In Novemberwhen there was heavy shelling from the Pakistani side, some 18 shells fell on either side of the dam site, Sanjay Kumar recalls.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant – Wikipedia

Dawood Kashmir never belonged to Pak and never will. The development assumes significance given the strategic importance of the megawatt MW project on the river Kishanganga, a tributary of Jhelum.

India started work on the project in The project will generate 1, million units of electricity per year. If world knows India is unreliable why is it not siding with Pakistan.

JawaidWaters are originating from India side only. A new mosque is being constructed because the old one no longer has room for the increased number of people in the village.

Ask them to build one more. If Kishanganga River flows through AJK before entering the India-held region of Gurez, why don’t we build a power generation dam before the river briefly meanders into Indian held area and returns again to Pakistan? Read Post a comment.



Unfortunately, common sense is not common. Anyway Pakistan is blaming us, even after India is abiding by it’s commitment. So never dare that for your own good. Downstream of the Kishanganga dam, the river is taking U-turn to enter in to the Pakistan territory. Pakistan argues that the Kishanganga project violates both conditions by changing the kushanganga of the river and depleting the water level.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant

This project is ready to add a new dimension in the growth journey of Jammu and Kashmir, added Modi in another tweet. Once the tunnel was built, it provided an all-weather access route to Gurez, cutting the distance by one-fourth, and making it far easier to transport material from Bandipora to the dam site.

Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in Power stations and organizations of Jammu and Kashmir. Then, there are other larger questions. All News Videos Photos. Treaties give benefit to both parties. The minimum flow was fixed at 9cumecs, a unit of flow equal to one cubic metre of water per second. Have some courage and the world would come to your side!

Narendra Modi inaugurates Kishanganga hydropower project in Kashmir – Livemint

While the dam was under construction, kishqnganga and material had to be transported by military helicopters. On May 25, Pakistan had warned that water issues with India can lead to a dangerous situation and that Islamabad wants a peaceful resolution of such problems as per the spirit of the Indus Waters Treaty IWT.

It’s allowing too much to run off its hands.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. In Kralpora, Tantray says all the families have united to go to court and demand that there should be no differentiation in the relief package offered.


Author has summarized well. Comments 55 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. December 31, Economic direction? The unit is one of three that are planned as part of a MW project will generate 1, million units Kishangnga of clean electricity annually, a Bhel statement said.

Published in Dawn, May 20th, The international court, however, decided that India shall release a projech flow of nine cubic ptoject per second into jishanganga Kishanganga river known as Neelam in Pakistan at all times to maintain environmental flows. But now, there are new, more worrying fears in Bandipora, about water seeping out from the tunnel.

Or just mentioned it without any knowledge. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. Even these countries which are a lot poorer then both our countries have visa free entries which give general public a sense of freedom.

Enough I would kushanganga. India, Pakistan to resume talks on Indus Waters Treaty in Lahore this week Pakistan will reiterate its serious objections over two water stor If China plans to create flooding,it would harm Bangladesh as well. The dam is built in an area that falls in seismic zone 4.

On the Indian side, though, officials are sanguine. Pakistan has been favoured by India who signed the indus water treaty as a goodwill gesture. May 20, Retrieved 20 December It is now sending a high-level delegation to the United States for talks with the World Bank.

The tests revealed high concentration of dissolved solids and unsafe alkaline levels in the water.