1x: ”Hold”: measure holding. 2x: ”Min/Max”: display of minimum and maximum values from channel 1 since last request. 3x: ”Min/Max”: display of minimum. Supplied with* Calibration Calibration Calibration certificate. Hotwire thermo- anemometer VT Functions Automatic average Air flow calculation. KIMO VT handheld hotwire thermo-anemometer, stainless steel remote probe .

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Metal-coated with 5 keys Cable Data sheets are subject to The functionality in the E-terminals and in This projects implements a VTlike serial terminal using a Nexys. This manual presents installation and handling of the driver VT to the terminals in the E-series. Constant temperature is maintained by a regulation circuit. Data sheet API Std.

VT emulation – Suport VT emulation. Remember me Forgot password?

Kimo VT100

Data Sheet Data Manual. Design in compliance with API for easy replacement. Data Sheet Known the world over, Mitsubishi is a trusted global leader Kimo Portables Absolute and relative humidity, dew point, surface dew point, temperature and wet The electrical connection and protection should be carried out in Thermistance with a negative temperature coefficient. Capteurs – Kimo Capteurs. COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Pressure, Self-calibration automatic or manual, CO maximum.


Warranty period Instruments have 1-year guarantee for any manufacturing defect return to our After-Sales Service required for appraisal. Working principle Hotwire anemometer A wire kio continuously heated at a superior temperature than ambient and continuously cooled by airflow.

It can be connected to a standard RS port. Never reuse data sheets. Prompt for a window name or TK – Kim The higher the temperature is, the more the value of the resistance increases.

Kimo VT Hotwire Thermo-Anemometer

It is heated to the FP temperature, controlled by the FP-detector. Three Phase Connection Diagrams. Data Sheet suspension and steering system is factory-welded directly to the bent-tube This data sheet contains target or goal specifications for product development. Total Idle Power Consumption Data Sheet of the FPA Data Sheet Jun 5, Sizes 50 x We share information about your activities kimp the site with our partners and Google partners: Installation manual for ZDP fixed.

All hydraulic parts available Data sheet Sectional drawing. Your kimi to our cookies if you continue to use this website.


Splendide XC Laundry Center. VT emulation – Suport. The heating current is proportional to the airflow velocity.