ADVANCED KIIKO MATSUMOTO STYLE OF ACUPUNCTURE: Musculoskeletal November 3rd AMPM & 4th AMPM @ Mohari Wellness. Kiiko Matsumoto Style acupuncture. Picture. Kiiko Matsumoto has been practicing for over 30 years and is well known around the world for her unique. There are many styles of Japanese acupuncture. Kiiko Matsumoto Style or KMS acupuncture, is a system developed and practiced by Kiiko Matsumoto and is a.

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Kiiko Matsumoto does not endorse lasers and other commercial products. The reason, or root of the problem has to be investigated to be known. The educational model that is used to train acupuncturists in this country teaches a form of pulse evaluation for assessment and diagnosis that is very hard to master and typically takes years, if not decades of study and practice in order to be used effectively.

What is Kiiko Matsumoto Style acupuncture and how does it work? It can be said that we developed and grew from the belly outward.

Palpation is the ability to gain information through touch. KMS utilizes a highly developed system of palpation to evaluate, diagnose and assess the effectiveness of a proposed treatment. There are many possible answers to this question: In this example, the problem to be solved, branch or symptom is obvious; lack of water flow. What jiiko Oriental Medicine?


A KMS practitioner uses palpation to create a sort of map that indicates the individual’s areas of strength, weakness and energetic blocks. Kiiko Matsumoto Style or KMS acupuncture is a blend of several different styles of acupuncture practiced by notable Japanese masters.

Kiiko Matsumoto Style acupuncture Kiiko Matsumoto has been practicing for over 30 years and is well known around the world for her unique, pragmatic style which combines Japanese, Chinese and Western medicine. Here is an example using an analogy to help explain this concept: Kiiko Matsumoto Style KMS is especially recognized for its detailed abdominal and spine diagnosis, its ability to obtain instant feedback on treatment accuracy, and for breakthroughs in the treatment of scars and trauma.


As a result, patients find Kiiko’s treatments to be effective and long lasting, and practitioners can treat with confidence.

The abdomen is the most important area of the human body, because it is the energetic, digestive and physical center, and at the stylee of all of this is the navel. Pulse diagnosis is highly subjective and neither the practitioner or patient has any way of knowing if the treatment that is being performed is effective while it is being given.

Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture and the Lower Extremity

If you are new to KMS we recommend: With this analogy in mind, it can be said that all styles of acupuncture, on a theoretical level attempt to understand both the root and branch relationship of any given problem. The fix or treatment of the problem depends on the cause.

Kiiko is widely regarded as a living master of acupuncture and her style is amongst the most powerful being taught and practiced anywhere. Palpation is the application of pressure on areas of the body to determine the presence or absence of discomfort as felt and reported by the patient.

Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture Archives – Divine Farmer

A focus of Kiiko Sensei’s since the beginning has been to make sure her methods can get reliable results even acupunctkre beginners. What Can Acupuncture Treat?

Why has the water flow become obstructed? When using this system, a KMS practitioner follows a palpation sequence which, both establishes a diagnosis and suggests several treatment options which might be effective for treating a particular patient. KMS offers powerful acupunctuer valuable in any modern acupuncture clinic for treatment of autonomic dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, mood disorders, chronic pain, inflammatory and immunological conditions, structural imbalances, and chronic digestive disorders, among other complaints.


These are then evaluated against the patients main complaint to determine kiikoo most effective treatment strategy.

This allows her style to treat root causes with precision. The diagnosis and treatment strategies follow one another in one circular motion. Acupuncture is a treatment modality that treats pain, illness and disease by regulating the flow of Qi in the body.

Therefore students of KMS are thrilled to find that the information they take from courses and seminars can be immediately applied in a clinical acupnucture. Due to the fact that the root and branch are linked, these two aspects must be understood by the acupuncturist and treated simultaneously for the treatment to be both successful and long lasting.

Attend seminars with Kiiko Matsumoto whenever possible!

An acupuncturist uses acupoints found along the meridians to regulate the flow of Qi. Because of this continual exposure to innovative treatment techniques and new clinical insights, KMS acupuncture continuously develops methods designed to achieve the maximum results when treating a patient. This method evolved to an extraordinary level of sophistication in Japanese acupuncture for a very unusual reason.

Our health is determined by the quality, abundance, and availability of our Qi. She turns the hose on, water flows freely kiiiko she moves from one plant to the next with no problem. Call to Schedule.