Kiai is a Japanese term used in martial arts for the short shout uttered when performing an attacking move. Traditional Japanese Dojo generally use single. Toate no Jutsu is a method for defeating an enemy of distance. There are secret to comprehend. There are three “kiai” (harmonized energy. Or “Can I buy a vowel for that kiai”? The kiai – Bruce Lee made it sound like a tortured chicken (imho), Fumio Demura sounds like a growling bear how do you.

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Sakki is the Ki that is projected outword when one has intent to harm or destroy someone or something.

How to Kiai, Kiai Jutsu | Panther Management Group

After class he approached his teacher, and although a student is not supposed to question, Donn told the teacher he didn’t understand what was happening.

Our alternate “Yaaaahs” reverberated through the building prompting at least one “shut up” from a house mate. Others believe it is much more. How could i mis that first video from black tiger posted. Hi Commander Zigg, This is one good site I have found: Fight Videos Night club fight footage and street fights captured with the world’s first bouncer spy cam How to Matrix!

For the village in Iran, see Kiai, Iran. But what makes a good kiai? Kiaijutsu Written by Kendamu “Kiaijutsu is usually assumed to be a loud shout, but that is only its most trivial expression.


– Kiai Jutsu: The Shout Used As A Weapon

Battlefield arts I grant you may have a more solid use for Kiai, particulary group Kiai etc jjtsu thats hardly relevant to most applications of karate and kobudo.

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Another time, myself and two friends were having a free-for-all every-man-for-himself sparring match where we all three fought each other at the same time. An important training point- the more often a kiai is used against a person, the less effect it has. Of the worldly collective knowledge in Wikipedia, it states: This Kiai is meant to transform your state of mind by simultaneously and spontaneously combining the aspects of the three previous Kiai and bringing one to the highest level of involvement in the fight.

The Ki-ai enables the person carrying out a violent movement to purify the mind of extraneous thoughts, leaving simply the pure energy Ki which causes the person to act, and confers upon them all its intensity.

Harrison tells the story of Yagyu Matajuro, the son of a well known sword master and tutor to the Shoguns military rulers whose misconduct resulted in his disinheritance by his father. And so when you exhale, if you do it correctly, you’ll get this whole marshaling of all those muscles at the same time, and this generates enormous force.

This gives you a great advantage.

Of course, the force generated by the kiai would propel a backhanded tennis ball over the fence. Yes- under the right conditions. My aikido teacher, Roy Suenaka Sensei, who studied with Ueshiba in Tokyo, kiaj to me an experience that happened around In this state-of-mind, attacks are always used with such precice timing before a defense is even needed.


The author has also felt the power of a similar Kiai as it froze him in place and blurred his vision. Commander ZiggSep 3, Apart from exceptions of this nature the Martial Arts do not employ a specfic pronunciation of Kiai. When I looked later, sure enough, there on the top of my forehead was a little red indentation.

Also note that when you Kiai, you’re sending out your intent. Our kiai were kiaii soft and not penetrating in the way it was suppose to be done.


A kiai can also be used in addition with tightening the core muscles to prevent damage to kkai stomach. How true or authentic the story was, I will never know.

The literal translation of Kiai-Jutsu have been variously defined as, the art of throwing ones spirit with sound, spirit meeting art jutdu spirit shout art. It should crack the silence like a whip.