A darkly humorous Czech satire: a new super-breed tries to conquer the world War with the Newts () is Karel Capek’s darkly humorous. Title: The War with the Newts Author: Karel Capek * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Edition: 1 Language: English Character. The War with the Newts. Karel Čapek. Translated into English by David Wyllie. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday.

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War with the Newts – Wikipedia

Czechs are following news of the Newts’ advances and conquests with a distant interest, feeling that as a landlocked country far from any sea they themselves have nothing to worry – until the day that a Newt is seen swimming in Prague’s own Vltava Riverand the Czechs suddenly realize that they are the next target. When the curmudgeonly sailor Captain von Toch discovers a breed of large, intelligent newts in far-off Polynesia, he realizes that, with a little training, they could be used as a virtual army of complacent pearl-divers in shark-infested waters.

True, she had never actually been in any films, but she was quite certain she would become the greatest film actress ever; and when Li was certain of something that was what happened. In the meantime, the battles on the coasts of the continents continue unabated. Now, he was clever, Toby,” the captain explained with admiration.

And I wouldn’t have wanted to cheat them. He could be a famous tenor who’s fallen into the savages clutches. Not a sniff of them! A very good ship, and cheap at the price. The Sinhalese was still slithering up the rock, unable to speak with the horror of it.

We can talk about this ship again then. That old Toch goes and visits those lizards of his now and then, down in whatever place he’s set them down in.


A heck of a brute. That’s what they speak most down there, lad.

There was a thousand pearls there of all different sizes: It’s as if there were some kind of weir or breakwater under the water there, he thought; it could be sand, or a coral reef, but it looks almost as if it were artificial.

They stayed in the boat behind the rocks and waited to see what would happen.

Mister Abe pulled the boat up onto the sand and helped Li and Miss Greta out of it. I have to get myself newtx, don’t I? Of course, quickly outnumbering the human race at 20 billion, things get a bit hairy despite how much all the leaders of industry love their huge workforce. But they were not beads as they rolled across the sand.

The Lit Pub • War With the Newts

Yet it had to end this way. They’ve got every possible kind of animal here.

He opened his hands wide as if about to throw something to these seals although Jensen was now sure they were not sealsand all the time babbling his Chinese cpaek Malay. And they dug out, sort of, deep holes in the banks under the water and lived in them during the day. This book is a must-read for everyone who is interested in the future of our planet. Out there wqr the ocean was the yacht named after Gloria Pickford; Abe had been given the yacht by his father for passing his university entrance exam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then there is the Czech-speaking newt who makes friends with a kwrel Czech couple. We’ll write this down: Stood up on their hind legs, they did, twistin their heads round to get a good look at you Ever the opportunist, van Toch rekons these newts can be his pearl hunters all across Indonesia.

War with the Newts

I thought about what had happened all that day. All over the upper deck and the lower deck, nothing but people, full of women and all that sort of thing, dancing and playing cards. He had not taken Captain van Toch’s story about the lizards seriously for one moment; but the captain himself was somebody worth taking seriously.


They were building a new dam at the north-western end of Devil Bay. Grumbling and snorting, the captain went to his cabin, where he spilled the two pearls out onto the table from a paper bag.

He was known as Shark. Listen, just in the time that I was on board wid him he must have settled a good couple o thousand o them. Capek covers a multitude of issues and subjects in this wonderful satire — capitalism, militarism, racism, and even Hollywood. I want Baseball Fred to have the best, Abe thought generously, he’s a friend from university, but every night The captain sent everyone away and sat down facing him with his legs wide apart.

Then when I went after them, after those sharks, and I threw stones at them, then they started throwing stones too, these tapa-boys. And ever since then, lad, I’ve not had a moments peace. But I did find it strange. As the year progressed I did less and less work in my science classes, and found myself spending more and more time in the library reading fiction. I’ll knock all their teeth out Only two pieces of film shot at the lagoon were any use. It is also sad and scary.

All of thits mutst be known to man and altso to newts, if one wants to judge why we ale now at the point whele we tstand.