JVC AV-PE User Manual • Av-pe, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) • JVC Projectors. Download JVC AV-PE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display: sharp, high contrast text and superbly clear still and video images. Also known as. AV P AVPE.

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Av-p960e, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) – JVC AV-P960E User Manual

The present user settings will be regis – When this button is pressedthe screen will switch to im – tered. Av-p960w image is blurred. Diese Hinweise haben lediglich informieren – Hinweis den Charakter.

Text mode will be activated when the button is pressed. Note If the slide film is inserted verticallyzooming in enlarging un – avv-p960e the mounting frame cannot be seen may cause the focus to be out. E – 11 Page: When the USB cable is connected as in step 2the display on the screen varies as followsdepending on whether the Caution SD card is inserted or not. Certains types de formats Exif ne sont pris en charge.

Jvc AV-PE Manuals

Terminal Power Switch Projector 1. Adjusting focus To adjust the focus when it is out. Put the handle away Remove this lens av-l960e shooting surrounding objects. While selecting images from the cameraif this button is ]: The indicator lamp of the input is far away from the camera. Use of power cord other than designatedor damaged power cord may result in fire and electrical shocks. Es ist nicht ]: Le voyant lumineux clignote 4. Switching between camera images and images from the picture memory is possible while presentation is in progress.


The camera head and the interior of camera arm may be damaged if excessive force is applied. Adjust 6] buttons. First store the 16 pictures to memory and then recall them. It will go off once the image has been saved. Close – up Lens Pull out this handle to carry the unit.

When the button is pressed again while the indi – If this button is pressed continuouslythe image cator lamp is light upthe indicator lamp will go offstill will stop enlarging at the optical zoom tele end image will be released and the moving image will be re – and thereafter digital zoom will be activated. Das SD – Logo ist ein Warenzeichen. F – 11 Page: Use this unit with the side illuminations lighted. Search in Projector on ebay. F – 15 Page: Wird [ IN ]: Adjusting the arm and camera head Adjust the arm and camera head in accordance with the size of 1.

Les si – [ AUTO ]: To make the character clearer and sharper. The image will be stored.

Adjusting side illuminations Adjust such that the stage surface is evenly lighted. E – 10 Page: In additionby adjusting the angle of the armthe 3 – D object can be captured at various angles. All Side Back illuminations off illuminations illumination Back illumination 2.

F – 2 Page: To increase the brightness of the camera image.


JVC AV-P960E Manuals

Downloading the image data Use the viewer software on the computer to confirm the image Note data before downloading to the computer. Make sure that the camera head camera arm has been lifted up as 3. Camera Arm Arm Lock 3. For connecting to external devices such as computer. Place the films and other transparent materials on the stage Place the film at the centre of the stage and adjust the camera head directly on top of the film. PUT ] terminal is not possible. If you are not familiar with electronics, do not attempt to repair!

Decrease the red component of the entire [ RED pressed and holdthe indicator lamp will blink and the im – screen. Stellt die Helligkeit des Kamerabildes ein. Press the button for more than 2 secondslected.

JVC AV-PE Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Remove the SD card for safe keeping after use. Extending the camera arm Hold down av-p960d lower portion of the camera arm or the unit firmly while holding the upper portion of the camera arm and slowly extend the camera arm until it reaches its maximum position and stops.

Symptoms Verify the following points Refer to Page No image appears. External cator lamp will go off once the adjustment is com – input signals will not be output through the pleted.