A new hardcover edition of Zerzan’s first collection of essays, exploring alienation and the (John Zerzan, Author) Goodreads reviews for Elements Of Refusal. John Zerzan: Just today I was talking with a guy from the New York Times, and though I don’t know exactly what his focus is, he’s much more. Elements of Refusal. Review. Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan Second Edition, by CAL Press/Paleo Editions, POB , Columbia, MO , USA.

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In the non-commodified, egalitarian hunter-gatherercthos, the basis of which as has so often been remarked was. The Stand Against Civilization. Zeezan the core we see much of what is vital to any authentic revolution: I would never attempt to censor them. Art’s ability to symbolize and direct human emotion accomplished both ends.

Never mind that the world is inexact, interrelated, and specific, that no one has ever seen leaves, trees, clouds, animals that arc any two the same, just as no two moments arc identical.

Zerzzan, the healthful- ness of what we consume declines and land once cultivated for food now produces coffee, tobacco, grains for alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs, creating the context for famine.

U math is impoverished language, it can also be seen as the mature form of elejents sterile coercion known as formal logic.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Britain inin any case, engendered a number of foreign visitors’ accounts that its common people were much zerzna to riot,” according to historian E. The German businessman Harkort, wrote in of the “new form of serfdom,” the diminution of the strength and intelligence of the workers that he saw. How would you envision that happening?

Once the symbolic process of art developed it dominated memory as well as perception, putting its stamp on all mental functions. Geometry is properly an exercise of disembodied intellect, Plato taught, in character with his view that reality is a world of form from which matter, in every important respect, is banished.


In Elements of Refusalthe first major collection of his essays, originally published inZerzan outlines the framework of his cogent and powerful critiques of civilisation, Leftist political thought and contemporary culture.

The Revolt Against Work’ smacks of the disillusionment that one who had devoted so much time, energy and hope in the liberatory potential of such an enterprise would justifiably feel upon its failure.

His work illuminates by fanning the flames of resistance. Meanwhile the distance between artist and spectator has diminished, a narrowing’that only highlights the absolute distance between aesthetic experience and what is real. We are witnessing and participating in what DeVore? The progress of symbolization, from the symbolizing of words, to that of syllables, and finally to letters in an alphabet, iinposed an increasingly irresistible sense of order and control. They have virtually renounced the project of extracting meaning from language.

As with nature, time iliil not exist before the individual became separate from it.

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All philosophies up till now have given the stupefying advice to their consumers to stand back from their own personal lives and take the long view, to see the big picture, to relax and not take life too personally. In the origins essays, Zerzan makes use of a great deal of anthropological and jihn theory.

What does the concept mean? Before the 14th century there was no attempt at perspec- tive because the painter attempted to record things as they are, not as they look. The last polymaths were dying out: Blake, Goethe and John Constable, for example, accused science of turning the world mto a clockwork, with the Industrial Revolution providing ample evidence of its power to violate organic life. The fourth essay looks at art as ” The increasingly accurate and ubiquitous clock reached a real domination in the seventeenth century, as, correspondingly, “the champions of the new sciences manifested an avid interest in horological matters.

The winds were blowing a different way, we thought. As wild animals are converted into sluggish meat-making machines, the concept of becoming “cultivated” is a virtue enforced on people, meaning the weeding out of freedom from one’s nature, in the service of domestication and exploitation.

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Elements Of Refusal | AK Press

It’s not surprising that in the wake of recent global uprisings this stroppy author and activist from the US town of Eugene in Oregon has become a focus for State and media attention. Full text of ” Elements of Refusal ” See other formats Acknowledgements Many people provided valuable support or assistance for the publication of this book, including: Such systematic cruelty, not to mention the kind of food that results, brings to mind the fact that captivity itself and every form of enslavement has agriculture as its progenitor or model.

Popular ballads give ample evidence to this, as does he case ot r.

Just as autonomy preceded domestication and self-domcstication, the rational and the social precede the symbolic. Raymond Firth accidentally exemplified the stupidity of advanced specialization, in a passing comment on a crucial topic: Now, some thirty years later, after three decades of defeat and damage, we have less idealism and optimism, but I think we also regusal have fewer illusions.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

In much the same sense as objectified time has been held to be essential to consciousness — Hegclcalled it “the necessary alienation” — so has language, and equally falsely.

James Serpell summed it up this way: Spengler elemenhs that one culture is differentiated from another by I he intuitive meanings assigned to time,’ Canetti that the regulation of lime is the primary attribute of all government. He writes, “The process of transforming all direct experience into the supreme symbolic expression, language, monopolises refual The growth of maritime commerce and colonization after demanded unprecedented accuracy in navigation and artillery.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Zerzan brings philosophy around full circle. Oscar Wilde said that art docs not johhn life, but vice versa; which is to say that life follows symbolism, not forgetting that it is deformed life that produces symbolism.