Natural magick by John Baptista Porta, a Neapolitane: in twenty books: wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the natural sciences. By John Baptista Porta. Magia Naturalis (in English, Natural Magic) is a work of popular science first published in Naples in Its twenty books include. Giambattista della (John Baptist) Porta (?), was a A Table Containing the General Heads of Natural Magick ยท “Preface To BY John Baptista Porta.

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The fourth Book; The increasing of Houshold Stuffe. Money to turn about upon a point. Fat Figs do make the Goose white, Liver great. Damosins may be preserved in salt-waters.

Horses are made stupid. The venoms that kill Dogs.

“John Baptist Porta” Natural Magick – Title Page

Eggs are rosted without fire. How to counterfeit a bloody Flux. A Bait for all Fish. To make white Enammel.

To cause Sores to arise. Endive johnn grow white. Pomegranates are preserved in small Buts which have sand in them. That when a man comes into his Chamber, the whole Air way take fire. An Almond should grow with an inscription in it. To hide Letters in your belt.


Roses that are half white and half red. How to reduce Zaphara into Powder. Tincture of Orange-Flowers of an excellent sent. A Peach of the white and the red Peach. How to make Leeks grow greater.

Dog called Crocuta, gendred of a Dog and a Wolf. The Bactrian Camel is gendred of a Camel and a Swine. Dye the Hair Red.

Natural Magick

Ivy to bear very sightly berries. To make the Hair fall off the Head and Beard. A Lamprey fried, boild, and rosted all at once. He may preserve his Grain in his Garner. How we must gather Apples, and how we must dress their stalks. The Loadstone Venus oft-times represents. To separate gold from silver Cups that are gilded: Bptista to open or blow very latter.

That when he drinks, the cup shall stick to his mouth, that he can hardly pull it off. Pomegranates and Cherries without any stones. Another way to make it.

Natural Magick by Porta, John Baptista

Long and Black Hair. If new wine have any water mingled with it. How to make them red, like a Ruby. That you Wine shall smell of Musk. How a Glass may be made of plain Glasses, whereby you may see an Image flying in the Air.


Wherein are propounded Burning-glass, and the wonderful sights to be seen by them. How to make a Glass to represent many Images. Berries that are party-coloured may be porha. Brass should resemble silver. Drive Parasites from great mens Tables. To have Apples all the year. Damosins that shall be of the colour of Nuts.

The fruits of those Palm-trees which grow in salt places, are jonn to be preserved. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements.

How to burn Copper. Salamander is gendred of the water.

The natursl Wake-robbin to grow greater. How to adorn Women, and make them Beautiful. Of washing Balls or Musk-Balls. Smalt dark on one side, and transparent on the other.