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Elements of basic education included: In order to develop our emotions, we sometimes practiced on the sensations given by one blade of grass or one flower only.

Johannes Itten – L’Art de la Couleur.pdf

The exchange of Itten and the Japanese people can be said to have played an important role in the following two aspects: From Mizukoshi, Itten earnestly studied Nanga and learned to grasp the essentiality of objects and to express them in symbolism. Pdagogische Fragmente einer Formenlehre.

This book became a Johannnes for those who wanted to learn of the Bauhaus education and the basis of design education in Japan thereafter. Bijutsuka-Kyouikugakkaishi, Bijutsukyouikugaku,23, Yumeji tried to teach the Japanese art in lectures in which he included discussing the culture and spirituality of Japan in addition to practical painting lessons.

In the observation trip to the Europe, Ohchi visited Zrich and observed the Kunstgewerbeshule that applied the Itten Methods in the program and met Itten in person. I also clarified the fact that Jonannes considered it important that the students practice drawing with ink and brush to prepare themselves mentally and spiritually for the daily assignment.


Especially, the way of thinking of Zen which had a great influence on Itten who was interested in Asian thought. Mitsuko Yamamuro and Mrs. On March 20,they made a trip to visit to the Bauhaus and the Yamawakis.

Itten wrote an article, Ostasiatische Tuschmalerei, in the exhibition book. It was also Nagai that translated the class text materials prepared by Yumeji Takehisa who will be mentioned later. She said that she had taught six to eight young men in her class.

FANTASY (COLORS ) sznek – [PDF Document]

Bijutsuka-Kyouikugakkaishi, Bijutsukyouikugaku, 22, I contacted her directly and confirmed them to be the facts. His iyten were very good. Yumeji prepared the texts for his classes. Pdf johannes itten – johannes itten Pdf johannes itten Various line effects; contrasting lines; lines representing emotions; lines clarifying internal impulses; comparing Japanese and western art; effects of a blank space; the Japanese idea of beauty and relationship of Japanese painting, who dislike repetition and desire for something never to be found elsewhere; for example, tea ceremonies and Haiku-poetry, hanging scrolls.

Itten Johannes a Szinek Muveszete 1997

The very tip of a lily stem is curvy and the flower faces downward. The Elements of Joyannes 7 types of colour Would you send me select good brushes? I will clarify what influence was given to Japan by the Japanese students who had studied at the Itten-Schule together with the activities of Eva Praut based on the historical facts of educational exchanges.


The Elements of Color 7 types of colour harmony contrast Johannes Itten -painter, designer, teacher Documents. The details regarding the Itten-Schule education that Yamamuro and Sasagawa received from Itten were revealed in the following treatise: Thus, the school had a close relation ittej the Bauhaus people [2].

Johannes Itten a Szinek Mveszete Documents.

Johannes Itten – A Sznek Mvszete

Itten Johannes the Elements of Color Documents. Der Begriff der japanischen Malerei, ber die Linien manuscript from the private collection Eva Kayser sent Sasagawa and Yamamuro the photographs taken of Eva and her father in Switzerland with the letters described above. Later, when Itten asked Yamamuro to recommend a good Johahnes book on Sumi-ink painting, she sent him Kaishien-gaden Jieziyuan Huazhuan with the help of Kenji Yoshioka, an artist in Japanese painting [26].

The spiritual mvwzete of mastering from the mind to the hand, gave a striking impression on Itten.

This element was added to the basic education after Shounan MizukoshiJapanese artistvisited the Itten-Schule.