Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Goldsmith explains the Circle of Eternity– the basis of his approach to mysticism–and tells how to transcend the. A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life [Joel S. Goldsmith] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Goldsmith explains the Circle of. A Parenthesis in Eternity has ratings and 8 reviews. Iona said: This is the best book by Goldsmith I’ve read so far. He delves even more deeply into.

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This day I am God-governed.

It is not to instill in us the worship of another deity in the person of the founder of a new religion.

In this practical and inspiring guide, he shows how to transcend those boundaries and trans- form your life into a rich and vital experience. To sow to the Spirit does not mean becoming ascetics; it does eternit mean giving up our work, our profession, our home, or our family.

There is a Presence that is as real as we are real to one another, and once It is felt and experienced, there is a relaxing from personal effort. We pray to these images in goldmith own thought and expect to receive answers from them. Loose Him and have Him.

If called upon to share with others, I can do so without feeling that 1 am taking something of my own to give away, thereby leaving my- self with less, because all that 1 have is of God. Em Sevol rated it it was amazing Aug 06, This pondering, these thoughts and words, we call contemplative meditation. Why, then, are we not enjoying it?

A Parenthesis in Eternity by Joel S. Goldsmith | The Infinite Way Library

As the centuries rolled by, the record of these many revelations shows us clearly and unmistakably that these men of the long gone past knew that they, as human beings, were not eterrnity men of God’s creating. Human picture or no human jn, however, it is not that way at all. Put up again thy sword into his place: Reality and Illusion To those who have not, it could be considered a curiously eccentric spiritual viewpoint.

Where have you buried Him?

On one hand, there is the mortal man, and on the other, the spiritual son of God. But how do we become the illumined or the enlightened?

It is not too difficult to learn to do this after we come into the awareness that there is eterhity Presence that dwells within us.


A Parenthesis in Eternity

The Journey Within True, we may use words and thoughts to lift ourselves into an atmosphere where we can be still, but the words and thoughts we are using are not prayer: Katherina rated it it was amazing Aug 08, In Part 1, he lays out the principles that form the basis of golldsmith, explaining that at its core is the truth that there is an inner, divine spiritual Self, a manifestation of God, which is our true identity.

We must let imagery and poetry have their way with us, and not try to confine ourselves to the literal meaning of words. A Parenthesis in Eternity is a compelling, comprehensive presentation of the mystical journey that Goldsmith experienced. Eterniyy must be such a desire for freedom that it is virtually a passion if we are to attain the pxrenthesis that we sit around wishing for, hoping for, and complaining that we do not reach.

In my first meditation early in the morning before I am out of bed, I attempt to align my- self with the presence and power of God so that my day will be God- governed, and not man-governed: Introduction Written in Capetown, November We are only at parenthesiz beginning, however, and just as the spider unfolds its web from within its own being, so we must unfold grace, divine wisdom, and divine power from within our own being.

Is it anywhere except in consciousness?

And so the contemplative part of the meditation might follow some such pattern as this: Every problem must be viewed as an opportunity to rise above whatever the situation may be, and if that sounds too difficult, it is better not to begin. It is so foreign to their thinking that it does not register with them as being plausible or even as a possibility.

These thoughts come out of the void, from the depth of the Infinite Invisible, out of that spiritual consciousness which we are. It is a world of people and a world of things formed of the illumined or enlightened consciousness.

The Unofficial Infinite Way – A Parenthesis in Eternity

Human beings think they can add spirituality to their humanhood and thereby attain Eternty grace. In this whole world there is only one Self, and that which constitutes my Self constitutes your Self and the Self of every person, in spite of the fact that each one expresses his identity in an individual way.

There are those who complain that they cannot find this freedom because of a lack of time, but there is no lack of time: On the other hand, living with our thoughts constantly z on our jole affairs is setting in motion the karmic law of good and of evil with the possibility of a preponderance of error, discord, or inharmony because we are sowing only to the flesh.


When we pray, we should release God from any personal obli- gation to us, release Him in the awareness that we are trusting that which created this universe to maintain and sustain Himself and His creation, that we are trusting God in His infinite wisdom to be about His business and God in His divine love to care for His own.

Be the first to ask a question about A Parenthesis in Eternity. In my high moments I have lived and experienced this Kingdom, and sometimes its atmosphere clings to me for days, but then again it eludes me. The truth is that with every effort, with every expedition, with every search, with every meditation, we are moving slowly and inexorably toward the goal of all life— union with God.

It is as if I took money out of my right-hand pocket and put it into my left-hand pocket.

A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life

That stillness at best, however, is a very brief period, but re- gardless of how brief it is, in those few seconds we have attained our contact with God, and that is all that is necessary for that moment. It takes courage to look at ourselves objectively and ask: Every person on earth, be he white, yellow, or black, friend or foe, Christian or Jew, Moslem or Buddhist, is entitled to the fullness of life. It requires boldness and daring to release God, to acknowledge that we do not know God and that we parehthesis not know how to pray.

Nevermore will I ask You to do my will; nevermore will 1 pray that You do something for me. That was the whole purpose of the ministry of joe, Master— to reveal to the world how to come out from among the masses and avoid the strife, the lack, the sins, and the diseases that beset mankind. The Secret of the Word Made Flesh There is a price: