Retrato único de una ciudad y sus entrañas, El gran desierto es la segunda novela del «Cuarteto de Los Ángeles», tetralogía. El gran desierto has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: Can you dig this, hepcat?It’s January 1, in Los Angeles. A witch hunt for commie. Buy El Gran Desierto (Negra Zeta (Paperback)) Translation by James Ellroy ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free .

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El Gran Desierto : James Ellroy :

The title suggested cut to order crime, it was is if had been made by an online desierot. That being said, it’s a very engrossing read indeed.

To say this book is charged with bleak visceral energy is an understatement; it was hard to read without taking breaks just to clear the empty pit of despair that started in my belly and threatened to envelop me.

Brace your eyes and smash it down. L’autore ci confonde intenzionalmente, dandoci poche informazioni alla volta, spesso ripetendole aggiungendo nuovi indizi. Uno de los pocos que tenemos en la literatura actual. The narrative voice between the three characters sold me as fully formed characters, but left me unable to differentiate between the three as unique voices.

Buzz flirts with death by cuckolding his gangster boss. Danny Upshaw, a young, intelligent detective whose sense of justice is out of place in the cauldron Ellroy creates for him; Mal Considine, an ambitious Captain and conflicted figure just returned from the ruins of Germany; and Buz Meeks, a former cop whose has become a slave to his appetites.

Eventually circumstances will make them seek to atone for their misdeeds, but their attempts at redemption can jaames as destructive and blood soaked as the things they already regret. One of the editorial endorsements on my copy describes this book as ‘insane’ and I ep think of a more accurate word. He works as a fixer for Howard Hughes, and his cozy relationships with the crooks and film industry folks make him the perfect bag man and troubleshooter for the Red hunting enterprise.


He takes the call when a murder is reported.

Ellroy has a tendency to go long and let his plots wander in a hundred directions before gathering up the threads at the end. Much better than Black Dahlia, the plot seemed more focused.

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Three protagonists, each with his own agenda for success fair or foulpresumably work together but really clash throughout the case. Then again, I’m not very bright. The thing about it is it’s just so extreme. Both of them are fascinating characters.

This doesn’t mean that they’re above committing horrible, violent acts–in one of the most difficult-to-read scenes, view spoiler [Mal, the one who is most admired by the others for his decency, brutally beats his sl after she tells him that the Nazi officer he killed was in fact her protector and jwmes, not her rapist, and was also working to sabotage the concentration camps.

Major historical themes are the Red Scare of the s and rampant homophobia. Locusts attacking social causes with the wrong information and bogus solutions, their one legit gripe–the Sleepy Lagoon case–almost blown through guilt by association: It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice. Perhaps less stylistically innovative or weird than the more well-known LA Confidential, the tauter American Tabloid, and the nearly el,roy White Jazz, this novel is James Ellroy’s attempt, I think, at fusing the kind of dread so evident in Poe with the “policier” — and he succeeds beautifully, entertainingly, with more than a hint of the style that he would perfect in later books like LA Confidential.

Amazon Music Stream ggan of songs. Danny Upshaw is young, pursuing his education, bright with hope and ambition to become a detective.


Start reading El gran desierto on your Kindle in under a minute. Prepare your stomach for it. These three storylines are connected by a bigger story of LAPD corruption and violence that carries over into the next two novels of the L. Considine deierto un ascenso; Meeks, dinero.

El gran desierto

Everything about it is out of line, the murders are far too violent, the setting are far too nostalgic and the characters back stories are unspeakably dark. It really has all you want out of LA Noir. Still, it is a novel that if written by any ja,es living crime writer it might be considered their masterpiece and this is only 2nd shelf Ellroy.

Return to Book Page. I wasn’t recognising it as good objectively, I was pulled right in, flicking pages e, eager to learn more, furiously straining towards the end of chapters as my tram rolled up to its destination.

Some of the more interestingly drawn supporting characters include a sexually voracious heiress with Communist sympathies, a plastic surgeon with the disconcerting habit of picking his fingernails with a scalpel whose clients include movie stars and gangsters, and the absolute apotheosis of corruption, the smiling, blarney-slinging monster cop, Dudley Smith.

Desiwrto more about Kindle MatchBook. He might just have an opinion about what it might mean to Make America Great Again. As I was drawn deeper and deeper into the story, I once again found myself caring how things would shake out for the detectives and what the consequences would be.