Jack Maggs: A Novel [Peter Carey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Booker Prize-winning author of Oscar and Lucinda returns to the. The year is and ex-convict Jack Maggs has returned illegally to London from Australia. Installing himself in the household of a genteel grocer, he attracts . In Jack Maggs, Peter Carey has written a twentieth-century, post-colonial Dickens novel, in an imaginative and audacious act of appropriation.

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Seeking a man at an abandoned house, he is taken on as a footman at the house next door, merely because of his height.

Jack Maggs – Wikipedia

Not to say that I didn’t enjoy it. However the “ending carries a heavy load of Dickensian sentimentality”. For me, the best parts of this book were the flashbacks to Jack’s life of crime as an orphan child when he is cajoled by a Fagan-like character to break in to elegant houses by climbing down the chimneys.

The exuberant implausibility of Oscar and Lucinda was one of its magnificent achievements; the implausibility of parts of this novel, on the other hand, was irritating, sometimes veering towards pantomime. Thus between andhe was able to pursue literature obsessively. How would you describe Mary Oates: For me, Jack Maggs simply faded away almost as soon as I finished reading it.

Both lose the woman they love. He becomes rich in Australia and I loved Carey’s Oscar and Lucinda but found this a bit disappointing. Tobias and Buckle look on Maggs as a servant, themselves as masters: It was like Carey was writing this as a pastime.

Great extrapolations | Books | The Guardian

Toby claims that “no mesmeric act on earth will have anyone perform an act against their moral temper,” but from that moment until the book’s incendiary conclusion, Jack endures mahgs parasitic relationship with the young hypnotist who determined to plunder Jack’s inflamed mind for material to use in his next novel. The trouble starts when Maggs returns to London, wanting to make himself known to the young man he naggs his son.


But this is Victorian England with a difference.

So, this post-colonial re-telling of Pip’s benefactor, the glorious Magwitch, should have been right up my street. Unlike Great Expectations however, the convict’s story is the central narrative of the book, rather than that of the young gentleman he has secretly fostered.

He returns to A post-colonial reworking of the story of Great Expectations, Jack Maggs is the tale of a transported convict who returns secretly to England to see Henry Phipps, the adopted son whose education he has financed. Maggs has returned illegally from his exile in Australia to seek out the young man who did him a favor just before Maggs was transported to Australia.

Jan 10, Merilee rated it really liked it. I know I originally acquired this because it is on the list of ” books you must read before you die. Th I enjoy a bit of mock-Victorian silliness but Jack Maggs is daft even by the standards of the genre. And Carey’s own voice his driven, nervy, excitable dialogue, his appetite for names and things and physical presences comes through forcefully.

Jan 30, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Strong characters and vivid descriptions of Victorian London made this a quick and very enjoyable read. Have you ever read Pwter Expectations?

Great extrapolations

He was a student there between and jaco after Rupert Murdoch had graduated and before Prince Charles arriv Librarian Note: Trivia About Jack Maggs. And in the end good wins as it always should… Jack Maggs, a foundling trained in the fine arts of thievery, cruelly betrayed and deported to Australia, has now reversed his fortunes—and seeks to fulfill his well-concealed, innermost desire.

If so, is such theft an inevitable part of the creative and transformative process? A post-colonial reworking of the story of Great Expectations, Jack Maggs is the tale of a transported convict who returns secretly to England to see Henry Phipps, the adopted son whose education he has financed. He gets exactly Dickens’s effect of being in a carej dream and yet jjack an overpoweringly real physical world.

Then the doctor had cast him out, and this criminal, this outcast, had felt himself free to pick him up and shake him as though maggs were nothing but a rabbit.


Jack Maggs returns from Australia in secret he has been transported for life ; just before he was transported an orphan boy Henry Phipps did him a good turn and Maggs has become his benefactor allowing him the life of a gentleman.

Works by Peter Carey. Publishers Weekly also had a strongly positive careh of this novel, remarking that “Carey’s memorable characters can stand proudly in the pantheon beside those of Dickens. Oates claims to know of a “thief-taker” who can track down anyone in England. The plot has many twists and turns with many well-drawn characters.

Oates drives himself hard, yet is ruthless about his own weaknesses, whether moral or financial. What maghs in his character allow this hatred to take over his soul? His task is to shed his false consciousness and understand that his true destiny lies in Australia. Nov 05, Subiaco Library rated it liked it. There’s a chap with dirty livery. Maggs takes service, disguised as a footman, in the house next door to the one he has bought for the ‘gentleman’ he is in search of.

And kids, I don’t care how mature you are, some stuff just To be fair, this is probably a really good book, and if I ever read it again, I might just like it.

Jack Maggs Reader’s Guide

This is a fun book, especially if you know anything about Charles Dickens’ life. Maggs becomes involved as a servant in the household of Phipps’s neighbour, Percy Buckle, as he attempts to wait out Phipps or find him in the streets of London.

Stay in Touch Sign up. The main character Philip Pirrip ,known as Pip, runs into a convict in the opening scene of the novel. He’s a wealthy guy looking for a Henry Phipps, but Phipps has fled his home. But the story doesn’t do enough for me.