AY . owned at any time exceed 10 then the regular ITR 4 form has to be filled and not this form Enter the total of column(iv) of Sch TCS in D To file an Income Tax Return electronically, you should download the Income Tax Return (ITR) Utility applicable, fill and generate an XML. ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF ITR No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 for assessment year , having the following particulars. 9.

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Anonymous July 16, at 3: But most of Tax payees have not concept about the online filling of Income Tax. YesDate of payment is to be considered in this case.

Noas you have not paid any tax other than tds. As she was not required to file income tax return in earlier year.

So, no need to show this in ITR? I don’t see as far as i could seeone column there in the ITR1 form? Interest from bank FDR is not exempted and taxable fully.


No need to attach any thing. Could you please explain this sr no: Anonymous July 19, at I did the same. Thanks in advance for your valuable time. I have not been itrr for the remaining part of the year.


At present bank has issued me form 16A wherein my PAN no. I have filled all the details in the TDS section except unique certificate no. Due to that, I payed excess tax. Sawan Shah July 14, at Due date extended to Further itr-1 sahaj for e filing in excel format is available here http: Can I apply for three years interest now and then from next year every year i will declare interest in ITR.

Comment .ay.2012-13 this post disabled ,Post your query on this Link. I Have gifted some money to my wife which she has put in FD. Bank account number is given at row number 20 and yes no option is asked in row 21 so no relation in between both this row. And is the Revised submission same like the original submit I did? Hi, I changed my job mid-year i.

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY and extended to – TDSMAN Blog

Hence I went ahead and uploaded the xml with refund as tax status. Upg Allowance Now month wise the detail is as follows: Mohit Gupta July 18, at Nothing is exempted from interest earned in Financial year whether it is from saving bank ihr fdr. How can I use linux software for generating xml file for uploading in the site.


Waiting for your reply Anonymous July 10, at 6: What should I do, please guide. Further it is not required to be shown in ITR form.


Topgear July 17, at 3: Fill only correct figureskeep one rupee payable as department will not raise demand for s.y.2012-13 rupees. For no problem but when I put Message comes that ‘The value you entered is not valid, a user has restricted value that can be entered into this cell’ Please advise how to enter Regards, Asish.

Anonymous July 15, at 1: Anonymous July 18, at