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ISEF Forms – LISEF Fair – Accounts –

Explinations of these forms and links to them are below: Check if your project iesf any of the following areas that require additional forms or check None of the Above Print and write your name in the upper right hand corner Dates: All changes must be included in an addendum; if no changes are made, include in an addendum the statement that no changes were made after the original research plan and approvals.

See Subject – Specific Guidelines in bottom 4 items for further guidance d Bibliography – List major referencesno minimum required. An addendum is required for ALL projects and needs to be started on a new page. It will contain a summary of all changes made to the original research plan; if ixef changes were made include a statement to that effect Dates: Check only boxes pertaining to YOUR project For 6 be sure to read through documeent section, check any appropriate boxes, if applicable, AND attach completed additional forms if required.

Adult Sponsor Who Requires?

Abstract Instructions

Form 1A — Student Checklist — Information form to include contact information email addresses will be used to contact you about the status of your projectname of project, adult sponsor name and address where research took place.


Explain where the experimental research will be conducted.

Universities, research facilities, and industrial settings require Form 1C. Pathogens may NOT be cultured at home Attach a research plan. Additionally these statements attest that each of these people or committees approves or consents to this project. Student takes this form home along with research plan for Parents’ review.

Local SRC Section 3: Official Abstract — Abstract — A summary of experimentation. This form also serves as a checklist for any additional forms that may be needed.

When in doubt, fill it out! Student MUST display a copy of this document at their project on the day of the fair.

Abstract Instructions | Student Science

Research projects that were conducted at: Form 2 — Qualified Scientist Form — On this page, the scientist explains what will be done to oversee this project. S tudent enters their name and the title of their project prior to giving this form to the Qualified Scientist QS ; this form must be given to the QS prior to the start date.

All questions MUST be answered. Additional pages may be attached. Student completes top section, even if work done at RRI. Attach all survey instruments, scripts, copy of the consent form Sample Consent Form to be used, and letters of permission to use instruments not of their own construction. For online surveys see: The student researcher must complete ALL of the questions; it is unacceptable to say there are no risks or no benefits.

The benefits should outweigh the risks.

The answers should parallel those provided in the research plan. Disseminate and collect in a manner that protects privacy and confidentiality. Please check that signatures are dated. Please submit one for every participant; we do count them. NEVER submit the originals, only copies.


A copy of this page must be submitted and a printout showing the number of completed surveys. Information regarding the care of the animal is completed by student. Attach wildlife licenses or approval forms, if applicable.

Intel ISEF Forms

Projects involving Vertebrate animals and done at a place other than a Regulated Research Institution such as home or school Form 5B — Vertebrate Animal Form RRI follows 5A Sample — To describe animal docmuent throughout experimentation and to ensure that all rules and safety precautions are followed. Information regarding the care of the animal is completed by the Qualified Scientist.

Attach a copy of IACUC approval; it cannot be a letter from qualified scientist or principal investigator. Student enters their name and title Section 1: Filled out by the Qualified Scientist in collaboration with student researcher Section 2: Completed by QS or DS. R esearch site is home, school or field: Check either box 2 or 3.

Signed by Local SRC. Student enters name and title. Student leader enters their name, and if applicable, the names of teammates.

Explain thoroughly the differences between each years’ research; must be significantly different than previous studies, such as a new variable introduced. Attach extra pages if the continuation involves more than 3 years of research. Attach an Abstract and Research Plan for each of the years of previous research.

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