Intermediate Algebra, 11th Edition. Margaret L. Lial, American River College. John Hornsby, University of New Orleans. Terry McGinnis. © | Pearson. Intermediate Algebra, 11th Edition View larger By Margaret L. Lial, John Hornsby, Terry McGinnis For courses in Intermediate Algebra. Is there anything more beautiful than an “A” in Algebra? Not to the Lial team! Marge Lial, John Hornsby, and Terry McGinnis write their.

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Intermediate Algebra Margaret L. New or revised figures are included wherever possible. The presentation of many topics has been thoroughly reviewed editin tightened. Solving Rational Equations 7. See any of the following pages for a complete listing of packages available: Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. They offer several exciting new resources for students and teachers that will provide extra help when needed, regardless of the learning environment classroom, lab, hybrid, online, etc —new study skills activities in the text, an expanded video program available in MyMathLab and on the Video Resources on DVD, and more!

Editjon Lecture Notes 2.

Terry has been involved in college mathematics publishing for over 20 years, working with a variety of authors on textbooks in both developmental mathematics and precalculus. Managing Your Time 3. She is particularly interested in archeology. Key terms from the chapter are presented along with three possible definitions in a multiple-choice format. Ships from the UK. May not include student CD or access code. Graphs, Linear Equations and Functions 3. Exponents, Polynomials, and Polynomial Functions 5.

About this title Related materials. Coverage of these exercises in MyLab Math has been increased in this revision. Review of the Real Number System R.


Using Study Cards 2. Rational Expressions and Functions 7. This is the Annotated Instructor’s Edition. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Lial Pearson Custom Publishing, Sequences and Series We have the best customer service online!

When John Hornsby enrolled as an undergraduate at Louisiana State University, he was uncertain whether he wanted to study mathematics education or journalism. Instructor resource file download The work is protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning.

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Lial, Hornsby & McGinnis, Intermediate Algebra | Pearson

Identical content as the student version, but may include all answers or notes in margins. The Chapter Test Prep Videos show an instructor working through the complete solution for every exercise from the chapter tests. A portion of your purchase of this book will be donated to non-profit organizations.

Choose expedited shipping if available for much faster delivery. Share a link to All Resources. Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, and Functions 9. The variety of videos give instructors flexibility – different types of mccginnis allow for different learning environments, such as a flipped classroom or lab, and different assignment types. Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, and Functions 9.

Trips to various digs and ruin sites have produced some fascinating problems for her textbooks involving such topics as the building of Mayan pyramids and the acoustics of ancient ball courts in the Yucatan. Username Password Forgot your username or password?

Intermediate Algebra, 11th Edition

A variety of exercises at the end of each section offers students many ways to practice and then master the material they have just learned. Earlier editions of the text included exercises designed to help students find and fix errors, but in this edition these exercises have been updated and expanded with explicit instructions to emphasize the importance of this aspect of the learning process.


These sets are assignable in MyLab Math, with expanded coverage in this revision. Intermediae Lial Video Library includes the following resources: Many of the videos have been updated in this revision to more closely match the exercises from the text, in a more modern presentation format.

Extra practice exercises for every section of the text, with ample space for students to show their work. These exercises make great collaborative activities for pairs or small groups of students. Sign up to receive offers and updates: Students, buy or rent this eText.

Intermediate Algebra Lial, Margaret L. Choose Expedited shipping for fastest business day delivery. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources. Mixed Review Exercises require students to solve problems without the help of section references.

These applied problems provide an up-to-date flavor that will appeal to and motivate students. A popular feature, Pointers have been increased in this edition. Students are often asked to find data in a table, chart, graph, or advertisement.