Their commitment to innovation through continuous research, development and improvement, has made Intercall the best selling nurse call system in the UK. Nursecall Intercall. Acorn Fire and Security one of the UK’s leading fire alarm equipment suppliers. Nurse Call Systems are the primary emergency call system between patient or resident and caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and .

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It is non-audio and can generate up to 6 independent call levels indicated by the twin colour re-assurance LED. Our systems provide security and support into the care sector.

InterCall Nursecall Systems

Nursecall Intercall Series Dimentia Controller. Also available with an integral sounder alarm LS.

The unit features three input triggers: Truly thank you for all of your help, Emma. It offers a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices for the patient or resident. The unit is controlled with a key token, which performs all functions when brought near the token detection area on the front panel. The unit also features an infra red receiver and reassurance LED. There are with two banks of DIL switches, one set to the lowest call point address and another set to the highest address Click HERE to download data sheet.

Well done and regards, Ian Stone. Home Solutions Care Homes. The Booster Power Supply unit is designed to increase the permitted number of units and qunatity of cable that an be used on any one system. Pager mode is used with the RFTX Alphanumeric paging equipment to provide alphanumeric paging output. The Ls can also be used to monitor several call points for end of corridor indication, or as a ‘follow me’ light.


There are numerous communication modes to receive system calls. Intercaall replaces the now obsolete L Audio Callpoint. Many systdm for your quick response. The jack socket accepts inputs from a wide range of triggering devices such as pear leads, pressure mats and portable radio triggers.

The L can also be used to monitor several call points for end of corridor indication, or as a ‘follow me’ light. Only one master power supply may be connected on any one system but several booster units may be connected as required. The Liquid Crystal Display units give clear textual indication of call priority, location and the identity of the caller, together with audible indication of the call type, giving the care manager total control over every situation that arises within the home or hospital.

Simple nursw monitoring without need for your staff to attend in person.

Wow, Ashley you’re like a salesman dream!! I wish all suppliers where as efficient and quick as you guys. The Care Card, proving good care is happening.

The ‘call follower’ sounder whih is activated when the call point is in ‘staff present’ mode, alerts staff to other calls on the system. Used to isolate monitoring devices such as PIR1 or door contact.

Each unit is fitted with twin ultra-bright LEDs which mimic the reassurance indicator on the call points. Patients and residents need as much freedom and independence as possible; and care managers need the reassurance that they can respond to any event quickly, efficiently and effectively. Any assistance or emergency call on the system will over-ride the standard call tone. Each call unit is equipped with staff presence facillity enabling staff to be located via any of the visual display units, a powerfull aid especially during the night when less staff are on duty.

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Nursecall Intercall 2 Metre Dual Adaptor. Monitors rooms where the resident is prone to falling or wandering at night. Pneumatic Presscall – PC1 The Presscall unit can be used as an aid to communication for persons with limite AD1 Adapter Plate – Double gang to single gang conversion plate.

The sounder is similar in operation to a display unit with a multi level alarm, but has limited zoning facilities. Firstly, using the Alphanumeric displays, normally positioned with corridors, Nurse Stations, Lounges etc. Once again many thanks for such a great turnaround.

Nursecall Intercall

Thanks for your help Ash. Thankyou for organising that Harriet. Thanks Lauren I wish all suppliers got back to me as quickly as you do! Built on over 20 years of specialisation and being one of the most advanced ranges of nurse call systems available, Intercall products have become some of the best selling nurse call systems in the UK.

Room Communicator – L Thank you all for your support on this project. Addressable Group Over Door Light. Door Monitoring Unit – L All fitted and working now!! We also wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

This means that we can offer an informed, independent, assessment of customer needs and recommend the most cost effective appropriate open solutions. The L is used to interface an external device to the Intercall system network.