Imię wiatru. Front Cover. Patrick Rothfuss. Dom Wydawniczy QR code for Imię wiatru. Title, Imię wiatru. Volume 1 of Author, Patrick Rothfuss. Translated by. Imię wiatru Books by Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe to czowiek legenda. Wielki mag, geniusz muzyki, bohater i zoczyca – namwiony przez Kronikarza – wspomina swe . Imi? Wiatru by Patrick Rothfuss Jan Kar?owski. Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, dzieci stwa sp dzonego w Imi wiatru Patrick Rothfuss PDF Free.

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Andrzej Sapkowski’s writing, as always, is impressive. In some ways, I can see why.

It’s not gushy, I promise, just ineloquent. The Witcher mutation is super cool though, and when view spoiler [ Rothfuuss used her magic in the desert hide spoiler ] I lost my shit. We get to learn about Kvothe’s story from when he was a child. Having just finished it Pattick can honestly say that even at pages, there was not a slow or dull moment in the novel. His task, now, is to patrlck Ciri. Martin would write, but they’re not as basic as “these two countries are at war, here’s a story about some characters who are involved”.

Like oh look super happy parents. I liked most of the story and there is plenty of original plot so I will recommend it but it was very similar to other books, just more condensed.

Alone the use of Sympathy was already pxtrick complex it imo almost a whole science of its own and I really have no idea how they were even able to do something like that. Furthermore, one of the achievements of Rowlings world is that the characters are real and relatable – even secondary characters are given some semblance of depth and personality. Lists with This Book.

Nu sunt obsedata sau ceva de genul acesta,ci doar m-a fascinat povestea si felul in care autorul a decis sa ne ofere o aventura pe cinste.

Geralt exists in an ambiguous moral universe, yet manages to maintain his own coherent code rothfuuss ethics. This is both a strength and a weakness. View all 3 comments.


Sapkowski studied rohfuss, and before turning to writing, he had worked as a senior sales representative for a foreign trade company. When that was taken away, he lived on the streets of a large city and raised himself to be rpthfuss and cunning. Various events and phenomena are not explicitly stated. The Witcher returns in this sequel to Blood of Elves. Nu sunt obsedata sau ceva de genul acesta,ci doar m-a fascinat povestea si felul in care autorul a decis sa ne ofere o aventura pe cinste.

Dar,in ciuda acelor lucruri,trebuie sa recunosc ca intr-un fel povestea nu ar fii la fel fara ea,mai ales ca ajuns sa fie un personaj cheie in toata nebunia asta. So here’s a bunch of words for you, and a few run-on sentences most likely.

Even if it only lasts for a minute or a day. It all began when Pat Rothfuss was born to a marvelous set of parents Throughout his formative years they encouraged him to do his best, gave him good advice, and were no doubt appropriately dismayed when he failed to live up to his full potential. It is story of a real life.

And that is perhaps the worst enemy of storytelling: This is definitely one of my new favorite books, so if you’re a friend of mine, prepare to have me brutally push it on you until you give in and give it a go.

Czas pogardy

That has been remedied for me with The Blood of Elves and The Time of Contempt, and I think I’ll go back to that previous review and make note of that. Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer are some of my favourite literary characters. Weren’t you ever attracted by the Art? There are some pretty funny moments where Geralt demonstrates excellent wit in the banquet chapter. I slogged through the first pages and kept wondering when the plot was going to show up.

Why is he not at the university? Except this is better in my opinion, obviously. Unele dintre ele au fost destul de placute,fascinante si interesante,ceea ce ma face sa sper ca poate in viitor o sa mai citesc despre acele personaje. Recenzie postata si pe blog: Plus, the addition of great side characters such as Bast, Simmone, Elodin and Auri made the book more intriguing.


I just feel so bad for Ciri. I may even have a bit of crush, actually. The design of “sympathy” is original and unique, and makes so much sense that I’m half-surprised it doesn’t really work.

Imię wiatru (Kroniki królobójcy, #1)

If you just wanted to read the main saga, you would start with Blood of Elves, but I really recommend starting with The Last Wish. I have no interest in wish fullfilment in fiction. I have no idea but I am just so invested in this world that I count that as fate. But, like I hinted, the book is pretty bad. This is the first book in a trilogy, and takes us through the first day of Kvothe telling his story to The Chronicler, a wandering scribe and collector of stories.

Too much truth confuses the facts. But, even that was all so mysterious and sinister that I knew sticking with it would pay off. Whoever did this translation took painstaking care to make sure that the result is well written and beautiful.

If Ciri is bisexual I’d be totally up for it. For more info about this title: If you just wanted to read the main saga, you would start with Blood of Elves, but I really recommend starting with The Last Wish. Magicienii isi aleg taberele.

The episodic structure means large parts of the book are largely inconsequential when you get right down to it, so if they aren’t interesting, well Time of Contempt [Sept 23, paatrick 22 35 Sep 24, If you even remotely enjoy fantasy books and especially if you don’t think you like fantasy go read this book now!