EXPOSURE RATING. ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white copy film is designed for many applications. It is particularly recommended for continuous tone copy. Camera used for this shot was the Pinhead 3D printed pinhole camera – focal length = 90mm with a mm pinhole, with Ilford Ortho Plus @64ASA, processed. ILFORD ORTHO PLUS Copy Film is a medium speed fine grain film suitable for studio photography, continuous tone copying, medical and forensic applications.

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Yves Montand et Simone Signoret habitaient un fois ce quartier et ont sans doute fait leur promenade ici.

developing Ilford Ortho Plus

Jun 26, 2. My fridge broke by Johan Biilmann. Betty Ortho by Minimal Cinema. Well, all but the ones on the big tree to the left. The perspective will be a little off. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Il faut donc ilfod le film dans la cassette. Puis bon, le jour pour un effet bleu.

ilford ortho plus photos on Flickr | Flickr

My solution in those days was to follow an article in the View Camera Magazine i. I see from the spec sheet that my usual DDX and Rodinal are not recommended for this, so does anyone have any recommendations on a developer for sheet film?

It’s a difficult negative to print, but I think I made it a little better. This irtho uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I was pretty bummed about it, but didn’t tell jlford.


Ilford Ortho

Second, it costs a lot more to do that and that extra expense has to be passed along to the purchasers. Order in the next 0: Vu sur Notre-Dame de Paris.

Pacemaker Crown Graphic 4×5 Lens: Discussion in ‘ Large Format ‘ started by sandeha lynchJun 6, Some folks probably don’t share this opinion.

I’ll check what my local supplier has, but will definitely try the cheapo Rodinal as well. Too many people want to make it more difficult than it is, and put all sorts of cavets on the process. When you are further from the source it takes even longer. See any errors on this page? If not take an old photo that has been fully wahsed, but that you don’t care about, and lay it with the back side up in the bottom of the developing tray to get the white background to watch it on.

I would quite like to try these films for some LF portraiture in 4×5 and was wondering what sort of safelight to use and which developers to use.

Does the Ortho Plus have the same spectral response as the pictorial ortho from the past, ’20s and ’30s? I use it mostly for copywork–it’s very similar to olford a wratten 47B blue filter with pan film, but without the filter factor–which usually adds about 4. The Village of Brandywine grew around the mills and became one of the earliest communities to emerge in the Cuyahoga Valley.

Le bleu est rare dans le redscale Safelight for ortho films should be dark red. Jun 26, 5. Please check your local sales tax laws. Rated 5 out of 5 by Leslie from Excellent film Great product, using for graphic art and copy work. Whose OC is it?


It takes nearly 3 full minutes for the film to fog enough for a flat image while holding it at arms length next to a yellow safe light to get that base fog.

Nature of light by Giovanni Savino Photography.

Mouse over the photo to see what’s what. Ilford is very close, and a bit cheaper than the Bergger.

As Lachlan was asking about camera use, I answered his question. The original left a lot to be desired when I looked at it on my Mac with a Retina display. Looking at the printed photo now, and comparing it to the one you see here, I hate the ioford one even more.

Ilford Ortho Plus Black and White Negative Film B&H

I’ve used it to make copy negs especially useful to remove stains- a positive on pan film in complete dark, then a neg from that- voowalla yellow stains gone in print developer. I use it in my Graflex and my Harman pinhole What I do like, however, is the window. The spectral sensitization may be done only up to green light but deeply sensitized emulsions have some intrinsic sensitivity to yellow to red range, though the sensitivity is not photographically useful in camera, so keep the safelight dim, especially at the beginning.