Thanks in advance for any replies. I have recently set up a Hylafax server on CENTOS 6. Currently we are able to print faxes to the Hylafax. ftp:// .. Also create /etc/hylafax/ with the following content to disable the email. The faxmail HylaFAX settings can be found here: hylafax. With these settings you can: receive your faxes in your.

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PageSize Set the output page dimensions by name. Set the output page margins. The pathname of a directory hierarchy that has scripts for external processing of MIME body parts.

The version I’m using has -T, but no -N. There are command-line faxmaail to control the point size, page dimensions, orientation, and multi-column formatting. Values marked as inches are specified using a syntax that identifies one of several possible units: Values specified with no unit are interpreted as points.

If the output is empty, the part is suppressed, and will not be submitted. Set the output fxmail dimensions by name. If this order is acceptable then additional headers can simply be added with the X-FAX-Headers directive; e. Fsxmail configuration parameters are explained below.


Thanks in advance for any replies. Set the user name to use when logging in to do direct delivery. External scripts may override builtin processing or suppliment the builtin support. James Smith Equivalent to the -p option. Enabling gaudy headers implicitly enables page headers. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

Once the entire envelope has been collected it emits a formatted set of header lines. There are numerous fixes in 4. X-FAX- header lines may be included in the mail message envelope to control the submission and delivery process.

Text formatting can also be controlled faxxmail meta-header directives placed in the envelope of the mail message.

Hylafax Email to Fax using faxmail or anything that works

The set of known meta-headers corresponds to the set of configuration parameters defined below. Equivalent to the -s option.

By default, faxmail sets all text in 10 point type on an 8. When faxmail is invoked it delivers the formatted document directly to a Hyla FAX server for transmission as facsimile. It seems like it shouldn’t be this difficult. Configuration files follow the conventions described in hylafax-client 1. Its marking me as version 4.

First it parses the envelope information interpreting any meta-header information see below that is present. Cover pages are normally generated using a system-default page size usually letter-size pages, 8. Hylafax mail to fax The default italic font is Helvetica-Oblique.


The builtin handling support is as follows: The set of known meta-headers corresponds to the set of configuration parameters defined below. Currently we are able to print faxes to the Hylafax printer for almost any type of document and incoming faxes are routed beautifully and reliably. I have upgraded to 4. Aidan Van Dyk BoldFont The name of the font to use to set header tags i. MailUser The account name to use to login to a fax server when doing direct delivery.

If a null account name is specified, then the facsimile will be submitted using the identity of the user that invoked faxmail.

Hylafax faxmail setup

Post by Dayton Turner Thanks for all your help everyone, youve been great. I’m running hylafax from the debian APT repository I still get an attached plaintext page with raw html in it. TextFont Set the name of font to use for setting text.