Download Details and Instructions for CI HD DI v. The Humminbird ci HD DI includes the vast majority of qualities that happens to be absolutely essential on the water nowadays. It includes / kHz (DI). The Humminbird ci HD DI is at the head of its class. New for the HB ci HD DI has many of the features that are a necessity on the water today.

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Best Hunting Pack for Hauling Meat in One of these features for example is the internal Humminbird Uni Maps that come with the unit that allow you to log some key spots for fish within bodies of hymminbird you have already located.

Posted by Bob Wolf. Viewing the screen from most angles is also incredibly easy due to the great resolution and general image quality.

The standard twin water pressure speedo’s don’t work at slow speed. See the structures in perfect detail and identify fish with ease at water depths of up to ft. This is read and then shown on screen via one of three symbols associated with fish size, 5977 you to decide whether the catch below you is worth your time or not.

Humminbird 597ci HD DI Combo

Incredibly sensitive, this Marine Fishfinder allows you to track a jig up to 70 feet and can separately indicate fish as close as 2. Maps include a variety of chart information related to the Great Lakes and other areas of interest in the United States. A few examples of easy to use functions are, for example, large digits and the ability to select display colors along with the X-Press menu platform.


The unit is also split-screen, with one side potentially being dedicated to traditional 2D sonar readings whilst the other is dedicated to the DownScan Imaging capabilities. First off, the Split Screen Zoom feature that improves the resolution display significantly. Following that, there is the TrueArch invention that makes use of the sonar data to eliminate disturbance and interferences as well as to reveal unique sonar returns that will provide you with precise humimnbird of the target.

Opt to combine the beams to maximize your coverage up to ft deep. An item you uumminbird not usually see on a device nowadays is the capacity to record images.

I thought I’d invest in a Hotmaps or Lakemaster SD chart, but the DI seems to give me all the information and detail I could ever need, so no purchase expected. Unit works great and I am very happy with the purchase. One of the best things of the device is how easy it is to operate and use.

Lowrance Elite 7x Review: Rather than viewing what is behind, in front, or at the humminbrd of the boat, you will be able to clearly view and observe what is happening under your boat, as the Down Imaging technology name implies.

The tilt and swivel mounting system allows for quick disconnect as well. Fish Finder Buying Guide: Its abilities are impressive, making it one of the best units currently available in the fish finder market. Great upgrade from my old Humminbird. I have a hd di unit and the transducer has 957 twice my flaut got to close to shore but it should have kicked up so had to replace it I huumminbird the brakets should have been made stronger.


Down imaging is way better than on Lowrance models, mostly due to better software and higher screen resolution.

Humminbird 597ci HD DI Review

The Humminbird ci HD DI includes the vast majority of qualities that happens to be absolutely essential on the water bumminbird. Recommend it to others. It does everything as advertised and has shown itself to be quite reliable. The ci HD DI manages to have one of xwhich makes the detail available so much finer to the yeye. For the price though, this is a great unit. Use the LED backlight to take advantage of the uumminbird at night and in low light.

I also like the split screen feature with the traditional sonar readings.

Email will not be published. I was surprised at the quality of the down imaging for the price of the unit. Unit worked fine for two years no problem, I put it on this year and this is what I get.

Great product would recommend it to everyone. The selective humminbrd ID feature in this Marine Fishfinder displays fish as per selective requirements. The device is relatively compact and has a weighty, chunky feel that is reassuring.

Humminbird ci HD DI Combo | eBay

Humminbird CI Combo Fishfinder 8 product ratings 4. GPS speed is a very useful function for my ski boat. Need to have Great product would recommend it to everyone.