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Baiorin, We are really splitting hairs – it is just a game of semantics. AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. The Legendary Jascha Heifetz. A Romanian Prom Concert. Not neccessarily in a narcissistic or ‘in your face’ sort of way.

It’s also difficult when a violinist can only imagine what it is like playing a strad, del gesu, guad or a v.

The slowness also helps in developing better control when there is tension. Not sure if this is really possible for me, but I’ll give it a shot – Meditation from Thais, Vocalise, Bach Arioso, are the types of pieces I get asked to play, but it would be fun to expand and add some busking to the experience. That elongation is really violib for me to sync up with any accompaniment.

In his arrangement, Heifetz says it can be played spicc. Some teachers at Master classes simply because of limited time offer the Obi-wan-esque advice of trust-in-the-hand.

A Dream For Two. I’ve lurked for years here and have enjoyed the information, jousts and the expertise the apparent friendships. Kreisler, Paganini, Schubert and others. Sign In Sign Up. Pyrotechnics are an added bonus. With players, i try to develop an understanding of how hoda approach a modern instrument, as it will make them better players.


The upbow movements are fast, but the string crossing is slower. Don’t put too much stock in the Stccato in DR. Unless you’re David Garrett, perhaps. Many younger kids play this piece as an encore, with the normal up-down free-bowing, and stay in position up high, but they can’t be heard in the lower half of the octave. The benefit of a relaxed bow hand is that it can often produce a very open sound. This is a huge generalization, but most players will see a benefit in sound quality from having a relaxed right-side.

We apreciate al at the version of Heifetz but As for experimentation, many of us will redo experiments we’ve read on these posts, but knowing that there are others trying the same staccafo is comforting. But at many violin recitals, the audience can’t wait for the stale cookies.

But then since darn Heifetz did it Staccato, it kinda seems like cheating to do it spiccato. Walking in the Air. Here the prototypical Romanian scale is used, with its raised second and fourth scale degrees, and lowered seventh.

The Art of Johnny Cowell. Hora Staccato has been arranged by various people for all kinds of instruments and ensemble trumpet, saxophone, percussion, string quartet, etc. After a while, the violinist plunges into the lower register of the instrument to scrub away ferociously and the pianist is forced to take over the gypsy melody for a little while. Miniatures for Violin and Piano. The other byproduct of this extension is that the hand mostly relaxes after the change. Dollar per minute, some audiences deserve encores.

Selections from The Heifetz Collection. SO the contentious reality is, that it might be possible to continue to play well, despite doing very complex, and possibly detrimental things with our individual fingers.


Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. But it takes great motivation to pursue and carry out a solo career, or to even be an active solo performer, despite how humble or truly genuinely nice they are such as Yo Yo Ma they do thrive on the feedback. And i don’t want to contradict what your comments, but truly, many of these players aren’t showing off.

If done correctly, there is no loss of dynamic and the sound is almost seamless. We are taught not to do this, but they do it.

I have been critical of methods by those following a mentor too closely and blindly to the detriment of their students and music. If one is super-tight, then the motion should be timed to happen at once.

Jascha Heifetz – Hora staccato (Take 1) [Arr. for Violin & Piano] – KKBOX

L’ Art de la Flute de Pan []. But if one can isolate the tension, the bow arm can move more slowly. Back to the topic at hand. I agree with you at multiple levels, because it certainly can be great fun.

Celebri Colonne Sonore Originali, Vol.

Hora staccato

Prev 1 2 Next Page 2 of 2. Jascha Heifetz Collection Volume 1. Heifetz Plays Gershwin and Encores. One, is that the hand seems to know the loction of the C-bout. This level of tedium for any reader in writing and explanationi apologize.