Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? is an pamphlet by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled . The concept of Hindutva is Savarkar’s own and corres- ponds exactly to the definition of a nation in modern political theory. The Hindus are tied together by. Oh Hindu! Wherever you are and perhaps alone you may be, without waiting for others, pledge that you shall touch millions and millions of your untouchable.

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All that we can do savar,ar is to make a few general remarks and leave them to be expounded and detailed out to a more favourable occasion if the work be not done by others better fitted to do it. But one need not necessarily strive for it – one can be quite happy worshipping whatever god one likes, and live out a full life.

Nationalism, patriotism, and pride are presented in the most fashionable manner making these even attractive. For, God has made her cause his own and Aurangzeb is down!

Thus, it is not what the left wing accuses it to be.

Hindutva by V.D. Savarkar

His appeal to the Hindus is immensely insipring. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Inscribe at the foot of one of those beautiful paintings of ‘Madonna’ the name of ‘Fatima’ and a Spaniard would keep gazing at it as curiously as at any other piece of art; but svarkar restore the name of c Madonna ‘ instead, and behold his knees would lose their stiffness and bend, his eyes their inquisitiveness and turn inwards in adoring recognition, and his whole being get savarlar with a consciousness of the savarkad of Divine Motherhood and Love!

Heroes of such pre-eminent prowess that the like of them have not been born. This is most clearly indicated by the definition of our Nation attempted at a period when the vast conception must have been drawning over the minds of our great thinkers.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Country always comes first. For all practical purposes, the ideology of Hindutva had triumphed.

Dhingra’s action provoked controversy across Britain and India, evoking enthusiastic admiration as well as condemnation. The attempt to raise Hindi to the pedestal of our national tongue is neither new nor forced.

Prisoners were subject to frequent mistreatment and torture. Obtaining permission to start a rudimentary jail library, Savarkar would also teach some fellow convicts to read and write. This page was last edited on 27 Augustat Savarkar had printed and circulated a manual amongst his friends on bomb-making and other methods of guerrilla warfare. Wikiquote has quotations related to: However, inthe Congress ministries resigned in protest against Viceroy Lord Linlithgow’s action of declaring India to be a belligerent in the Second World War without consulting the Indian people.


The latest adventure of fashion amongst the fair sex in Paris is but the lineal descendant of the bunch of leaves stuck in the girdle-string which constitutes the perfection of the toilet of a Tatua’ girl. Moreover, I think this book about more than that.

We must stop complaining about this British officer or hinndutva officer, this law or that law. And fourthly, the author does not seem to have been writing about things only haphazardly or to which he is entirely a stranger. These are facts which every realist must take into account.

Consequently we must content ourselves with quoting a few eloquent lines either from the lips or the pen of some of the foremost representatives of our Hindu race. Savarkar has praised the growth of Italy and Germany during the Fascist hinditva Nazi rule, he believed that at that specific point in their history, Nazism and Fascism were “the most congenial tonics, their health demanded.

Hindutva is not a word but a history. In Erich Kolig; Vivienne S. To counter such a mind, an savarksr mind of intellectual prowess is needed.

And now everything has been restored to us under the benign and illustrious auspices of Shrimant Peshve owing to the astuteness and valour of Patil Boa. Views Read Edit View history. The RSS established a number of affiliate organisations after Indian Independence to carry its ideology to various parts of the society.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat What is Arya45 But it must not be supposed that the epithet Sindhu recommended itself to our savarkag only because it was geographically the best fitted; for we find it savagkar stated that the concept expressed by this word was national and not merely geographical’ Sindhu- sthan was not merely a piece of land but it was a nation46 which was ideally if not always actually a state rajnah-rashtram But hondutva long as in addition to our country, he has not adopted our culture and our history, inherited our blood and has come to look upon our land not only as hindurva land of his love but even of his worship, he cannot get himself incorporated into the Hindu fold.

Out of numerous tributes paid to the author of this book we cull and cite only two. Many a Kshatriya has by taking to agriculture and other occupations of life lost the respect due to a Kshatriya and were classed with some of the other castes; while many a brave man, in cases whole tribes, raised themselves to the position, the hinvutva and titles of the Kshatriyas and were recognized as such.


Thus, this is a must-read for every rational Indian who wants to understand the Hindu nationalists and their motivations, regardless of his personal ideologies and convictions. But where religion is goaded on by rapine and rapine serves as a handmaid to religion, the pro- pelling force that is generated by these together is only equalled by the profoundly of human misery and devastation they leave behind them in their march. You know what you face in muslim majority areas, you know the affinity of islam with terrorism, hell, even its sole monopoly of terrorism worldwide Retrieved 13 June Some of us were Aryans and some Anaryans ; but Ayars and Nayars — we were all Hindus and own a common blood.

For them, Hindi alone was the unifying factor for all the diverse forces in the country. Savarkar, a former president of the Hindu Mahasabha, was arrested on 5 Februaryfrom his house in Shivaji Parkand kept under detention in the Arthur Road Prison hiindutva, Mumbai.

This is not all. Hindu Mahasabha under the leadership of Savarkar started a civil resistance movement in March It subscribed to Hindutva ideology, which came to mean in its hands political Hinduism and Hindu militancy. Question between France and England over extradition of student”. Poetry and philosophy, art and savarkkar, agriculture and commerce, thought and action felt the quickening impulse which consciousness of independence strength and victory alone can savarkarr.

Aditya rated it liked it Sep 19, But as the subject in hand does but remotely involve its treatment here we cannot treat it here in full. Two thousand RSS workers gave his funeral procession a guard of honour.

Hindutva: Who Is a Hindu? – Wikipedia

Savarkar was a man of superior intellectual prowess; the reasonings with which he advanced in this book seem solid. Savarkar is credited with several neologisms in Marathi and Hindiincluding “Hutatma” Martyr”Mahapaur” MayorDigdarshak leader or director, one who points in the right directionShatkar a score of six runs in cricketSaptahik weeklySansad Parliament nindutva, “doordhwani” telephone”tanklekhan” typewriting among others. The same book that gave the world mass murdering communism and leaving million people dead under the banner of sickle and hammer.

It was on the white-washed walls of his solitary cell in the Andamanees prison iv that the first outlines of this book were sketched, chap- ters and points fixed and the definition versified.