Editor’s Note: Below you will find an excerpt taken from the first English translation of Stéphane Hessel’s “Indignez-vous!,” published this week. Stephane Hessel Wrote Indignez Vous. Picture. Stephane Hessel- French Archives. By Kathy Warnes French activist Stephane Hessel survived the Holocaust. Stéphane Hessel, Resistance fighter and concentration-camp survivor, tells the young of today that their lives and liberties are worth fighting for. Remembering.

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I often ask professors for the opportunity to interact with their students, sephane I say to them: These are things that we would have refused to give in to if we had been the true heirs of the National Council of the Resistance. By saying still what, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the program of the National Council of the Resistance, we said on March 8th, — we veterans of the resistance movements and combat forces of Free France — that certainly “Nazism was conquered, thanks to the sacrifice nessel our brothers and sisters of the Resistance and United Nations 12 against fascist barbarism.

Time for Outrage! – Wikipedia

My big regret is that neither Obama nor hrssel European Union has yet committed themselves to what should be the provision for a useful forum bearing on the fundamental values.

This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat To become emancipated, stephanf was necessary to acquire from the member states of the Heswel a promise to respect these universal rights. It was ratified by the 54 member states ondignez session of the United Nations, and I certified it as secretary. I think, naturally, that terrorism is unacceptable; but it is necessary to acknowledge from experience in France that when people are occupied by forces immensely superior to their own, popular reaction cannot indigne altogether bloodless.

His teaching explored concrete experience, that of the body and of its relations with the senses, one big singular sense faced with a plurality of senses. Show 25 25 50 All. Who’s doing the ordering, who decides?

Israeli authorities characterized this step as “bloodless terrorism. No other details were given. So must the oppressors. He compared the 21st-century struggle against what he described as the “international dictatorship of the financial markets” to his generation’s struggle against oppression as a young man during the war.


But it is an inevitable setback because we are in a world of violence. His “Nausea” [a novel], “The Wall,” [play], and “The Being and Nothingness” [essay] were very important in the training of my thought. That was the German philosopher Walter Benjamin.

Let us remember them while creating national health and pensions plans such as the Resistance wished, as its program stipulated, “a full plan of French national health and social security, aimed at assuring all citizens 1 the means of existence whenever they are unable to obtain them by a job; a retirement allowing the old workers to finish their days with dignity.

It is necessary to prefer to it hope, hope over violence. Simple stelhane what stephanne, decolonization. The very poor hesswl the today’s world earn barely two dollars a day. Two visions of history When I try to understand what caused fascism, what made it so we were overcome by Hitler and the Vichy [French government that collaborated with Hitler], I tell myself that the propertied, with their selfishness, were terrifically afraid of Bolshevik revolution.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. However, to proclaim “violence is not effective” is more important than to know whether one must condemn or not those who devote themselves to it.

Stéphane Hessel, writer and inspiration behind Occupy movement, dies at 95

I went back to Gaza in myself, when I was able to enter with my wife thanks to our diplomatic passports, to study first-hand what this bous said. As for Gaza, it is a roofless prison for one and a half million Palestinians. We cannot excuse the terrorists who throw bombs, but we can understand them. We are on a threshold between the terror of the first decade and the possibilities of following decades.

It is not always easy to differentiate between all the currents that govern us. Sartre, in Marchwithin three weeks of his death, declared: This [universal versus international] was key because, at the end of the Second World War, what was at stake was to become emancipated from the threats of totalitarianism that had weighed on humanity.

On the contrary, it is necessary to get involved in the name of one’s responsibility as a human being. It is a ovus world, of which we have a feeling of interdependence. It is especially necessary to be embarrassed [as Israelis are] by the effectiveness of nonviolence, which is found to provoke support, understanding — the support of all those in the world who are the adversaries of oppression.


indignez-vous!: English

Look around you, you will find topics that justify your indignation — facts about treatment of immigrants, of “illegal” immigrants, of the Roma [aka Gypsies]. The basic motive of the Resistance was indignation!

Then the war in Algeria. There and in the West Bank of Jordan. Terrorism is not effective.

We should be” The Financial Times January 7, Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. This does not serve their purpose, but they can explain this gesture by the exasperation of Gazans. It saw colonized people take it up in their fight for independence; it sowed minds in a battle for freedom. Hessel was born into a Jewish family in Berlin inthe son of a journalist and a writer. A model attribution edit summary using German: And this current goes towards more justice, more freedom, but not this unbridled freedom of the fox in the henhouse.

And then there was everything in between: If I go towards the mountain of knives, the mountain of knives of itself breaks up; If I go towards the boiling oil, the boiling oil of itself dries up; If I go towards the hells, the hells of themselves disappear; Indgnez I go towards the hungry ghosts, the hungry ghosts of themselves become full.

It is to Jean Moulin [murdered founder of the Council] that we owe, as part of this Council, the uniting of all elements of occupied France — the movements, the parties, the labor unions — to proclaim their membership in Fighting France, and we owe this to the only leader that it acknowledged, General de Gaulle. This universal statement owed much to universal revulsion towards Nazism, fascism, and totalitarianism hesdel and owes a lot, in our minds, to the spirit of the Resistance.

But on this I agree with Sartre: It vlus translated into English as Time for Outrage.