The Herbie Hancock Collection (Artist Transcriptions. Piano) [Herbie Hancock] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Artist Transcriptions). This one is from Herbie’s classic Maiden Voyage album. The piece is constructed of rubato head and jazz waltz solo section. The Eb-7/F (F. This isn’t the flashiest Herbie I’ve heard (compared to his solo on “No More Blues” Labels: #ttmusic Blue Note Herbie Hancock Transcriptions.

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The Herbie Hancock Collection, Artist Transcriptions – Hal Leonard Online

If only they still manufactured square hammer tips I’m gradually trying to transcribe all of Herbie’s back-catalogue from that era I think we all have to focus on the specifics of anything in order to grasp the rungs on the way to what we’re trying to achieve. A deep grasp of rhythm is a prerequisite for playing the way HH does. The key to all Herbie solos or any other legendary jazz pianist, for that matter is that not only do you have to find the notes, you have to nail the feel and the dynamics, the phrasing too.

Herbie Hancock exact, note-for-note transcriptions on Rhodes [ Re: Just having the solo is only a small part of the totality of the music.

I wonder if anyone here has ever considered and transcribed an earlier section of Chameleon that I can’t seem to get precisely. Rhythm is greatly understudied in my opinion.

One Finger Snap – Herbie Hancock Solo Transcription | CKendrickMusic

I’ve got a second suitcase I use for gigs but it’s a very different sound despite being an identical model – the only difference I can see that’s causing the difference is the hammer tips square vs non-square. The thing about Herbie is he doesn’t look back, always forwardwilling to try new things, expand his playing into herbiie areas. Previous Topic Index Next Topic.


This aspect of music is seldom addressed. Having said that, I’m always thorough about all the comping too, not just doing the melodic solo lines. Musicale Gold Transcrpitions Registered: When musicians solo, they are most definitely not hearing the same rhythms that another person is hearing. Amazing musician and person. People go on about the model ‘E’ hire Rhodes being one of the greatest ever examples but in my opinion, the Rhodes sound from Herbie’s mid 70’s albums is the greatest ever recorded Rhodes sound.


Having to transcribe Charlie Parker solos was a scarry thought for a 19 year old kid. Page 3 of 3. The solo only gives a hint at what rhythmic world the player was choosing from. Too often, I disagree with the voicings and it’s also a very tough balance to notate something in a legible form rhythm-wise, whilst getting across the swing or lilt of a phrase that is played well behind the beat. Their inner experience of a “rhythmic bed” is much more hidden or covert.

Hi Tom I don’t know if I’ve done this quoting thing properly. In the ’80s article, he seemed to be talking about a particular Rhodes he’d had for a while, and didn’t dispute the interviewer’s assertion that it was a prototype.

When you “get” that rhythmic code, you will have a ball with all manner of freedom Dave BryceStephen Fortner.

Wags Don’t have much to add regarding transcriptions, and I can appreciate the hard work that goes into them, but I doubt that Herbie ever played the same song the same way twice. I still listen to this album a few times a month, especially good for road Rhodes trips. It’s all good in other words – transcription and learning from your inspirations is a must, in my opinion. How do you verify perhaps the most difficult part of the music- the melodic rhythms? I don’t know about the prototype theory – if I ran the Rhodes factory and supplied one to Herbie, even if I said it was a ‘stock’ model, I’m sure I’d have chosen the best out of ‘s – but I don’t know whether what Herbie had was anything more than a fantastic example, slightly modified.



The more sensitive to music, the maker is, the better for us all. The rhythm is critical I have no clue how to have access to this information; whether a church organ or a Stradivari or a Rhodes.

Vince is perhaps the trabscriptions ensemble drummer I’ve hanvock seen. Can’t wait to see more. When you say a stock Rhodes, I don’t know. Too often you see note-for-note videos, where the transcriber just plays the notes and completely ignores the time feel.

Learning someone else’s solo note for note defeats the whole idea of jazz, which should be a spontaneous dialogue between the players. Obviously I aspire to having the ability and command of tranzcriptions that Herbie does so that I could view things on a much more general plane – rhythmically, harmonically etc. Tom — what you’re saying about mods sounds right to me — I actually went through the article looking for comments from the tech, but didn’t see them.

Don’t have much to add regarding transcriptions, and I can appreciate the hard work that goes into them, but I doubt that Herbie ever played the same song the same way twice. Since I used mixers, I used EV speakers.