Definition – a theory which countered Mackinder’s Heartland theory. Spyman stated that Eurasia’s rimland, the coastal areas, is the key to. Maikinder was quick to revise his Heartland theory. He suggested that there are two Rimland theory is an antithesis to the heartland theory. American geopolitician Admirai Mahan, was a theory of positional su, premacy. the other hand, “heartland” and “rimland” are exceedingly handy and attractive.

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Which is more important… economic or military power? Anyhow, sea power is more effective than heartland as it is more effective in case to rule over the world and to make an impact on far away regions like Africa, Asia and America.

It was represented by Spykman in InMaikinder published a book called “Geographical Pivot of History” which has the proposition of Heartland Theory. It can also increase its power and can influence its counterparts.

We have experienced it in the pre-colonialism and post- colonialism era, that how the Britain established its naval power and made themselves enable to rule over the world. According to Mackinder, control of the superior resources of the Heartland could enable a state to conquer the rest of the World-Island i.

Geostrategy: The Heartland and Rimland Theories

According to Spykman, “Who controls the Rimland rules Eurasia, who rules Eurasia controls the destinies of the world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But former is much clear in his views about the importance of inner crescent. He divided the world in a 3-tier system. Criticism of Heartland Theory. The outlying islands, by which Mackinder actually means the continents of North America, South America, and Australia. Fill in and FAX to Dr.


The theory of heartland was adopted by Germany but it failed badly. We have witnessed that Mahan’s theory was adopted by the different giants and it expanded their territory. Moreover, the region has enormous natural resources, which is essential for the growth of the a politico-economic power.

Role Of Heartland and Rimland Theory | MaLik SohaiL Nawaz –

He overlooked Man-nature relation. They invaded the coastal rims.

However, an arms race was triggered anc by this act between the 2 blocs. Unit political organization of space notes chapter 8. Click here to sign up. Mackinder referred to the rest of the World-Island and the offshore islands as the Inner Crescent see mapand all remaining land in the world as the Outer Crescent see map.

The Cuban missile crisis and the stalemate situation between the 2 superpower. He called for the consolidation of the Rimland countries to ensure their survival during World War II. If Germany could conquer Russia then it could control rest of the world. Era of air travel destroys Heartlands invincibility He failed to see that railway era was drawing to an end and that the era of air travel has already began.

This was an inherent anf in his thesis. In modern days, we have an example of United States of America. To him geopolitics is the planning of the security policy of a country in hewrtland of its geographical factors.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Germany was deprived to make its influence on different countries of the world due to not having naval capability but countries like France, Spain, Portugal and Rrimland moved forward due to their naval power. Views Read Edit View history. If we compare both above-mentioned theories, then we can find out a major difference between both of these theories.


Rimland – Wikipedia

Heaartland sees this importance as the reason that the Rimland will be crucial to containing the Heartland whereas Mackinder had believed that the Outer or Insular Crescent would be the most important factor in the Heartland’s containment. In an arid region with sparsely settled Heartland region, which has limited agricultural and mineral base a railway project would be uneconomical.

Mahan is clearer than Mackinder and Spykman as his theory has been practically implement by those countries who have ruled over the world in different time and centuries.

Spykman thought that the Rimland, the strip of coastal land that encircles Eurasiais more important ans the central Asian zone the so-called Heartland for the control of the Eurasian continent.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Hence, we may say that one country make rule over the world through it naval power and it can gain its maximum goals by making its maritime powerful and capable to achieve its targets. Heagtland thesis was based don the data available prior to It has both grounds safer i. The Rimland has great importance coming from its demographic weight, natural resources, adn industrial development.