Girish Karnad’s play Hayavadana has various cultural implications, which are relevant even today. A Man’s search for his own self among a web of complex. In this relation, Girish Karnad comments in the Introduction to Three Plays: Nagamandala, Hayavadana, Tughlaq: My generation was the first to come of age . EMANCIPATION OF WOMEN IN GIRISH KARNAD’S HAYAVADANA DR. TARUNA ANAND ASSISTANT PROFESSOR AMITY UNIVERSITY DELHI INDIA.

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See 1 question about Hayavadana…. It is that search that keeps us going.


What she needs is a man of steel. The story then jumps forward six months, when Padmini is pregnant with a sonand the three friends are meant to go on a trip to Ujjain together. Kapila does not jayavadana with them.

So I will not be able to comment on the theatrical implications and hayavadzna performative dynamics of the text. Focusing on our folk culture, he takes inspiration from mythology and folklore. To earn points for your comment sign in now. Through the efforts of Kapila, Devadatta and Padmini get married.

Though I am not enthusiastic about Indian English drama, but this one is really good. Please choose the access option you need: Although the final resolution is quite shaky and abrupt, the mix of clever dialogues and witty storyline make for an engaging read. Apollonian is the ego state which causes self-alienation and in which the soul leaves the body. It therefore had to face a situation in which tensions implicit until then had come out in the open and demanded to be resolved without apologia or self-justifications, tensions between the cultural past of the country and its colonial past, between the attractions of western modes of thought and our own traditions, and finally between the various visions of the future that opened up once that common cause of political freedom was achieved.


The play also deals with woman emancipation. The plays of Girish Karnad often have a thematic focus on the basic issues that concern the existential problem of an individual in the postcolonial modern Indian society. Padmini is a victim of the patriarchal order where woman kzrnad subjected to the patriarchal culture. These women have set a new standard of their class who aspire for new society, new culture and new world where sex discrimination is underplayed and equality dwells among the members of the society, in true sense of the term.

However, when Devadatta shows his seriousness towards his love, Kapila also becomes serious.

She is not for the likes of you. Hayavadana still wishes to rid himself of his human voice, and the boy encourages him to laugh. Girish Karnad is influenced by the mythology. I am sure many will disagree with the ending she got.

The play does not offer any reconciliation, but what it succeeds in doing, to a great extent, highlights the agony of negotiating the aforementioned debate. Maybe these things come out better in stage performances through the actors instead plain reading.


Hayavadana Summary | Girish Karnad | English Summary

So, the plot of Hayavadana is related to the conflict between the complete and the incomplete. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Their relations get complicated when Devadatta marries Padmini. Devdutta is able to marry her, but not before his marriage proposal is carried to her by Kapila himself who on seeing Padmini, says: When she sees Devadatta changing, she feels that Kapila must be changing.

If she were as dazzling as Draupaudi, the play would not have been able to align its politics in the right direction. Strategic document of Niti Aayog.

You can’t talk byy Girish Karnad without mentioning the themes. A Study of Hayavadna.

Girish Karnad’s play Hayavadana has various cultural implications, which are relevant even today.