This is the second volume in Harry Turtledove’s epic alternative history of history, nothing less — Publishers Weekly on HOW FEW REMAIN). It’s , in a world where the Confederacy won its independence at the Battle of Antietam in The United States declares war over the Confederate. How Few Remain is a alternate history novel by Harry Turtledove. It is the first part of the Southern Victory saga. The book received the Sidewise Award for .

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You see, being from the North, I was never very interested in a story in which the South won the Civil War. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews.

In just twenty years after a Confederate victory the North American continent is a totally different place, and the US is decidedly weaker because of it. Give Me Back My Legions!

And, of course, also sending me to the bookstore to hunt down the subsequent titles in this alternate history epic. President Blaine uses the “coerced” purchase as a casus bellileading to the commencement of what will later become known as the Second Mexican War.

That premise established, the action proper of this novel starts up about 20 years later. Turtledove went on to write ten more novels in this universe he created. The brand new Oswald de Lacy thriller, for fans of C. Along with France, England entered the fray on the side of the South, with blockades and invasions from Canada.

What’s the Name o You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. Riveting what-if situations make this a unique, intriguing book. Neither did I consider ‘historical fiction’ was a genre.

The American Civil War of Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Turtledove does not develop his own characters, he pulls some ready made characters out of history and drops them in a plot of his own making. Meanwhile, the threat of war looms over London. I found myself wishing that I could also read that tale, foolishly unaware that it had already been written.


He was an abusive swine who couldn’t organise a booze-up in a winery and was caught up in a number of scams, including one surrounding the supply of imperial purple dye and a family of shellfish-boilers. However, this is more than made up for by his spectacular glimpses into what-if.

This isn’t really a pro or a con, it just is though I prefer the viewpoint of his later books focusing on fictional people from all walks of life. I was until I saw that the next book in the series begins 30 years after this one ends.

But Mary Holmes garry finally ready to tell the truth. He has written many works of speculative fiction and fantasy. In A Shout in the Ruins, Kevin Powers returns to the battlefield and its aftermath, this time in his native Virginia, just before and during the Civil War and ninety years later.

All in all, this is a good start to a classic series. As Hetty dives headfirst into the turtledoce, she discovers a shocking secret protected by the house for a hundred years. Jack Wynter hary clinging to the wreckage of the life he dreamed of living, his father’s execution by Richard III destroying his hope of overcoming his status as an illegitimate son.

Along with losing the war, the U.

Still, it’s interesting to think “What If? I’m not quite sure how to explain this. Lee at the Alamo. Thankfully, that only occurred three times in the entire CD book.

How Few Remain

But not all the gods are dead, and the ones waiting for Hero in the north have their own plans for her – ones that will change the world forever. Feb 18, Alexander Seifert rated it it was amazing. In fsw Balance Worldwar, Book One.

For along with France, britain enters the fray on the Confederate side. You see, I know one of his hidden pleasures. A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once more in the bloody throes turtleodve battle. In this timeline’s New York City, there is no Statue of Liberty on Bedloe’s Islandnor does the name get changed garry Liberty Island — as relations between the United States and France are poor, due to France’s support for the Confederacy, and there is no question of the French donating such a statue to the Americans.


How Few Remain | Turtledove | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Pretty well written, but DRY as a desert. I was basically obligated to. Revisionist history about if the South had won? Instead, the island is taken up by a similar but more grim German-influenced statue known as the Statue of Remembrance holding the “Sword of Vengeance”.

We need to use cookies to do this. There’s also plenty of action though not much romance, though there are several mentions of sexual relationships. But this was a new kind of war, fought on a lawless frontier where the blue and gray battled not only each other but the Apache, the outlaw, the French, and the English.

Following the death of her last living relative, Hetty Deveraux leaves London and her strained relationship behind for Muirlan, her ancestral home in Scotland – now in ruins. Two Gerin the Fox Novels. Every chapter ended in a cliff-hanger, wanting you to go on. Please review your cart. WillcoxJohn PopeHosea Blackford I don’t think Turtledove personally harbors any reprehensible views then tutrledove I barely know anything about the guybut he seems to have far too great an interest in presenting a slaveholding society in a way that is far too positive than it deserves.

But in the serpentine politics and renaissance splendour of Florence, he finds only danger. Would have been four stars, but took away half a star in revenge for sex It was a near miss for the Confederacy when Hwo Robert E.