Cement based re enforcing tile backer boards. Hardie backer is highly water and mould resistant. Hardie Back and Hardie Backer are BBA Approved. Flexural strength: 14 MPa (HardieBacker® ), 12 MPa (HardieBacker® ). Maximum tile weight: kg/m², consult manufacturer’s technical department for . HardieBacker® cement board is a unique, cement based water resistant tile backerboard that can be used on walls, HardieBacker® Cement Board.

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James Hardie’s Hardie Backer Boards are tried and tested the world over. Obviously snaps much more easily than the 12MM board, therefore requiring less scoring. Well made with no variations or imperfections.

For many professionals there is only one choice when it comes to tiling in wet areas, or when an unstable substrate like timber needs to be firmed up before tiling. The innovative EZ Grid recessed fastener pattern makes the installation process even easier. In order of preventing cracking of the tiled floor caused by excessive flex, make sure that the floor composition complies with applicable building regulations.

Once mould has established itself, it could be very expensive to clean up, could cause the market value of your hardiebadker to decrease and could require you to move out until the mould is properly cleaned.

Hardie Hardkebacker Brochure [ Download ]. Extremely satisfied with it’s price and functionality. The boards can be easily cut and shaped with carbide tipped scoring knife. The boards are fastened with adequate screws or nails, every mm, whereas the fixings should be placed 50mm from the corners of the board and 15mm from the edges of the board.

6mm Hardiebacker 250 Cement Floor Board

HardieBacker cement backer board does NOT contain asbestos, gypsum, glass fibre or formaldehyde. The slim-line 6 mm elevation prevents floor build up uardiebacker minimizes the transition between floors. How To Tips If you are thinking about tiling walls and floors and you are unsure about how to fix the tiles, underfloor heating, or even tile maintenance once your tiles have been laid, than using the How-To-Tips will be a good starting point.


Absolutely essential for washing down tiles before during and after grouting.

Good for creating a tileable substrate on floors as it’s only 6mm thick, but less useful for walling. Hardiebacker – 0. Again, a 50mm alkaline resistant Hardibeacker should be embed across the joints prior to applying the tiles, so it leaves a mm wide joint. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Hydro Insulated Tilebacker Board 10mm x mm x.

HardieBacker 6mm xmm Water Resistant Cement Backerboard | Lawsons

We’re here to help Uneven Floors your guide to the perfect levelled floor click here. The expanding foam gun is a tool which gives a much greater degree of control over the product you are using which not only increases the accuracy of the application but cuts down on un-wanted and unnecessary wastage. Hardie Backer Board 12mm x mm x.

Underfloor Heating your guide to laying underfloor heating click here. Cleaning of the applicator is necessary if: Won’t rot, swell or warp when exposed to moisture.

HardieBacker is a Cement Backerboard ideal for tile and stone. View the trust certificate. A low level of mould spores in your home isn’t abnormal nardiebacker if left untreated, mould can colonize and release millions of airborne breathable spores. Website created by Extreme Creations. Hardie Backer is highly water and mould resistant.

A straight edge can be used to score the board, when the board is pulled upwards so it snaps. Whether you are installing or refurbishing a bathroom or a kitchen HardieBacker cement board hradiebacker the perfect solution for wet area floors, walls and countertops.

The board hradiebacker a perfect substitution for plywood or plasterboard, gypsum boards and glass mesh cement boards, as it will not warp or rot when exposed to water. This creates a dimensionally stable product, essential for good tiling.

6mm Hardie Backer 250 EZ-Grid Cement Board

The boards need to be applied onto a clean and flat subfloor, why any damaged, warped or loose parts need to be repaired or replaced.


Install it over an existing timber floor or in conjunction with underfloor heating to optimise heat efficiency. Have confidence that your job will last — resisting rot, swelling and warping when exposed to moisture — when you choose HardieBacker 6 mm.

To see more prices enter delivery postcode:. HardieBacker Cement Backerboard provides a dimensionally stable cement bonding surface that won’t warp, swell, rot, or deteriorate even in the wettest conditions.

The back of the board should be covered with high strength cartridge adhesive and pressed firmly onto the wall.

The joints can be staggered in a brick or broken bond pattern and should not be aligned with subfloor joints. Portland Cement, ground sand, cellulose and selected attitives. We believe the success of your site hinges on the content on your pages, and it is for this reason that every quote we provide includes building websites through the addition of optimizet content created by WebPilot copywriters.

Particularly suitable for tiling around baths, wetrooms, showers and in kitchens. I rang up to see hardebacker I could get any discount for boards, the sales team told me they were the cheapest online and there was no further discount. You have no items in your shopping trolley.

Hardiebacker Cement Floor Board 6mm | Water Resistant | Tile and Stone Backerboard

Hardie Backer – How to Guide [ Download ]. Protect your home jardiebacker family The durable cement formulation of HardieBacker Cement Backerboard provides superior water resistance and its proprietary Mouldblock Technology offers additional protection against mould.

For assistance, please call: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It provides the best bonding surface for cement based tile adhesive.