Related. Sripad Sadhu Maharaja explaining “Sri Guru Carana Padma”In “Audio”. New booklet – “Reflections on bhakti-tattva”In “bhakti-tattva” I am a disciple of Sri Srimat Radhakunda Mahanta Pandit Ananta das Babaji. Sri Guru Tattva Vijnana & Sri Bhakta Tattva Vijnana by Pandit Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj. Srila Ananta das Babaji Maharaj We shall briefly discuss śrī-guru-tattva. If one understands the gravity of śrī-guru-tattva, there will be no doubt concerning the.

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And yet again, the topmost devotee who externally teaches the disciple bhajana in a tangible form, is also Sri Krishna as such.

Srila Sadhu Maharaja on guru-tattva | Amrita-Tarangini

Notify me of new posts via email. Then again, if a person is exclusively buru to Guru-bhakti and fixed in Guru-seva, and keeps the worship and service of Sri Guru as the main item, while practising hearing and chanting about the Lord as a auxiliary item of his bhajana, it is called special Guru-seva. If the disciple does not think like that, he might consider the Guru to be an ordinary mortal being, and that will result into a great offence which will make all his sadhana bhajana fruitless, like the bath cas an elephant.

Then, the heart will become eager to cross the impassable and miserable ocean of material existence, that is filled with the crocodiles and sharks of lust and anger, to attain the eternally blissful lotus feet of dad Lord and to find a suitable captain for the sturdy ship of the human body — Sri Guru.

Gurudev will reveal to us the information and the reality of this form.

It is not that the duties of the disciple end after he has taken diksha from buru bona fide Guru. Visit him at his ashram in Radhakund. What would you suggest? The giver of the mantra is called the diksha guru and the giver of instructions on bhajana is the siksha guru. Notify me of new comments via email.

Guru-tattva-vijnana (excerpt by Radhakunda Mahanta Sri Sri Ananta das Babaji) | Amrita-Tarangini

I thought it would be Babaji Maharaja or Sripad Sadhu Maharaja, but that feels like it is slipping away too. So the merciful Lord personally appears in this tattba as the guru to bless mankind with instructions about bhakti philosophy. They are the forms of Her bodily expansions kaya-vyuha-rupa and Her instruments for creating rasa. Sections of this page. The only way to destroy these bad habits is to please Sri Guru. Notify me of new gkru via email.

Therefore the mantras in connection with this Vrindavana-lila are the greatest. Those who give up crookedness and associate with the saints tattvaa a simple and innocent mind, for the cessation of their material miseries, and earnestly take shelter of the feet of a bona fide Guru, for the cas of worshipping the Lord, praying to the Lord with an eager heart, while hoping to attain the bona fide Guru, will certainly be blessed with the shelter of a bona fide Guru — of this there is not even the slightest doubt.


Annta fear the drying up of my sraddha is taking place and I am doing everything I can think of to stop it form progressing. When the hare krishna mantra is called the maha mantra, then will not perfection be attained by taking this mantra alone? Some people think that a bona fide Guru is very rare in this world and it is not easy to recognise and attain a bona fide Guru.

Violence is conquered by giving up endeavours for sense-gratification, suffering caused by other living entities can be mitigated by developing the quality of compassion, tattv caused by the elements can be mitigated by entering into samadhi and suffering caused by the own body and mind can be mitigated by practising the eight-fold path of mystic yoga ashtanga-yoga.

Dandavats and pranams to you Tarun Baba. To bestow bhakti upon the conditioned souls and to snanta them to Him, merciful Sri Krishna has appeared internally as the antaryami siksha guru the inner monitor and externally as the acarya, who is the topmost bhakta.

By worshipping the Guru as an item of His worship of the Supreme Lord the sadhaka attains the fruits of love of God. At the end of this visit, despite his desire to stay at Radha Kunda, Sri Kunja Bihari Das Babaji ordered him to return back tattvw his village to preach the message of Sri Caitanyadeva and gruu initiate people into the practice of spiritual life.

The Guru is the special devotee-manifestation of annanta Lord. Like Liked by 1 person. The manjaris are closest to Radhika. Also, the sakhis are older and their nature is different from the manjaris. Any helpful advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Sri Ananta Das Babaji

Needless to say, to acquire spiritual knowledge about bhakti, a teacher is also required. Requesting your goodself to kindly elaborate the availability and price in Indian Rupees of the following books by Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj: Now, let us consider the revelation by Sri Gurudeva.

Thinking like this, they do not endeavour to take diksha-mantra and thus waste the precious moments of their rare human lives. A Guru who is born in a faultless and sinless family, is himself sinless and faultless, behaves as he should do, belongs to a certain asrama, is free from anger, knows the Vedas and all other scriptures, has faith, does not find faults, speaks affectionately, is nice to behold, pure, nicely dressed, young, engaged in the welfare of all living entities, intelligent, prideless, satisfied, non-violent, able to judge transcendental truths, endowed with parental love, expert in puja of the Supreme Lord, grateful, affectionate towards his disciples, able to punish and reward, practising homa mantra, a knower of all kinds of arguments and counter-arguments, pure-hearted and merciful is an ocean of glories.


Although these mantras have all been written down in sacred books and publications, their japa will yield no fruit without initiation.

Special service means also an ordinary service.

During the following two months, Sri Kunja Bihari Das Babaji taught him the mysteries of the philosophy, worship and meditation practiced in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition. I stay in Delhi. Do not find faults in him, taking him to be an ordinary human being, for Sri Guru is the aggregate of all the gods.

Since time immemorial, souls guri for God have wandered from womb to womb until they finally obtained a human body, the doorway to liberation from worldly life. Diksha is necessary, but it may take some time for you…no problem My Huru will not come to the West, but Sadhu Maharaja comes often. What is meant with diksha, or initiation? Some are preaching a philosophy which is not in any scripture, saying that one must take a siksha mantra from the siksha guru.

Of all the different mantras that have been mentioned by the sastras in connection with diksha, the Sri Krishna-mantra is the most important, because Sri Krishna is the Original Personality of Godhead, the origin of all Personalities of Godhead. One who wants to worship the Supreme Lord must first of all take shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Guru.

When the Guru-potency awakens within a saint he becomes known as a bona fide Guru. Having arrived at Radha Kunda, he met with the mahatma and received initiation into a disciplic succession descending from Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Srimati Jahnava Mata through the descendants of Sri Dhananjaya Pandit.

On the other hand, the Sri Guru-principle will melt with compassion when he sees the sincere service rendered to such a maha bhagavata great devotee.

Stavavali 1 and 2. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Jai Radhey Like Like. Those who obtain this body but do not endeavor to transcend the ocean of worldly life are considered to be killers of dsa own souls. To learn something in the physical universe, a competent teacher is necessary. Not only that, this also has a very valuable result.