Gretna Greene by Julia Quinn – stars – 5th Oct, . are no other books by Julia Quinn in the campus’s library resulting me to grab the only available book. All about Gretna Green (in Scottish Brides Anthology) by Julia Quinn. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Bridgerton Gretna Greene 36 Valentines. Home ยท Bridgerton Gretna Greene 36 Valentines Author: Quinn Julia Scottish Brides (Gretna Greene).

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Jan 14, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: Margaret looked from Greene to Greene, trying to work out a solution. I’ll show you up. Her eyes were light in color, and utterly huge and unblinking. At his master’s loud exhale, Orpheus instinctively drew to a halt, waiting for the next command.

Now twelve years later he’d like nothing more than to get rid of her before she drives him crazy again, but he wasn’t counting on the woman ujlia had grown into. Julia Quinn Gretna Greene i’m not disappointed with her story. You’ll never taste a finer pudding.

I shall be serious. But first things had to come first, and he might as well get himself settled before beginning his search.

She had been terrified when those men had grabbed her, and she still hadn’t managed to stop the uncontrollable shaking of her hands. I had never read Stephanie Laurens, but I was iulia with the other three. Margaret didn’t particularly think the hot haggis looked terribly appetizing, but she forbore to offer an opinion on gtetna matter. I’ve tried to live my life the same way.


If he touched her, caressed her, or even kissed her, she could melt right back into his embrace and lose herself in the passion of the moment. We’re told the backstory, there is tension provided by other love interests, and there is a rather exciting adventure that seems to solidify it all for Rose and Duncan. Hulia sparsely worded missive hardly deserved a rereading, but Margaret was so furious with him that she couldn’t stop her fingers from reaching into her pocket for the hundredth time and pulling out the crumpled, hastily scrawled note.

I wish her every happiness in the world. No one’s but Angus’s. Meggie might not lie with a man before marriage, but she would certainly allow herself this moment of passion. She ate haggis every day while she was expecting, and she gave me four fine boys.

Gretna Green (in Scottish Brides Anthology) by Julia Quinn | LibraryThing

While the other three novellas often push lust to the forefront, this novella instead takes the extra effort to show me why the main characters will lust for, trust, and respect the other person. Margaret stared at the mass of food on her plate, trying not to retch. A legend decrees that the sexy Laird of Sinclair must marry a woman he has never met. She nodded, thinking that perhaps she ought to make a peace offering of her own.


Forgive me if I over-enjoyed myself. Juia leaned down and kissed her forehead. I was pleasantly surprise by this short story collection as I felt that the character building was great. But I promised myself-” His eyes burned dark and fierce. Although the conflicts resolution and feelings realisation at the end of the story was a bit rushed.

It should make the job a bit easier, I should think. Sure enough, a tall, black-haired miss was standing on the other side of the street, looking extremely panicked as she tried to hide behind an obviously well-maintained carriage. Margaret Pennypacker was definitely not in good temper. This is the best of the four. Julia Quinn’s story tried for humour but came off as too cute.

Bridgerton 1-5 Gretna Greene 36 Valentines

Her savior or was it nemesis? My favorite one was “The Glenlyon Bride” – it had all the Scottish magic that Jjlia love so it gets 5 stars. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If she just leaned forward, swayed toward him for only a second, would he take the initiative and kiss her?

And I know I do. Her question had unnerved him. Or if he wasn’t, he was definitely trying to fluster her.