The Second Concerning the Son. I. Since I have by the power of the Spirit sufficiently overthrown the subtleties and intricacies of the arguments, and already. The Fifth Theological Oration. On the Holy Spirit. I. Such then is the account of the Son, and in this manner He has escaped those who would stone Him, passing. Oration 1 · Oration 2 · Oration 3 · Oration 7 · Oration 8 · Oration 12 · Oration 16 · Oration 18 · Oration 21 · Oration 27 First Theological Oration Oration 28 Second.

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Yes, if He is God. During the six years of life which remained to him after his final retirement to his birthplace, Gregory composed the greater part of the copious poetical works which has passed down from generation. Theological Oration IV Introduction: Adversus Eunomianos praevia dissertio [First Theological Oration.

Fifth Theological Oration (Oration 31)

If He is Unbegotten, there are two Unoriginates. And if these are but myths and fables, as they say in order to escape the shamefulness of the story, what will they say in reference to the dictum that all things are divided into three parts, and that each god presides over a different part of the Universe, having a distinct province as well as a distinct rank?

Now if He were an Accident, He would be an Activity of God, for what else, or of whom else, could He be, for surely this is what most avoids composition?

For it was needful that the distinctive properties of the Father and the Son should remain peculiar to Them, lest there should be confusion in the Godhead Which brings all things, even disorder itself, into due arrangement and good order. For to say that he is greater than the Son considered as man, is true indeed, but is no great thing. Cease then to dishonour the Father in your opposition to the Only-begotten for it is no real honour, by presenting to Him a creature to rob Him of what is more valuable, a Sonand to dishonour the Son in your opposition to the Spirit.


What limit establishes transcendence? And Gregoryy is called the Word, because He is related to the Father as Word to Mind; not only on account of His passionless Generation, but also because of the Union, and of His declaratory function.

If then this account is the true one, let us thank God for the glimpse He has granted us; if theologgical is not let us seek for a better. It was here that Gregory preached the first of his great episcopal orations. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

CHURCH FATHERS: Fourth Theological Oration (Oration 30) (Gregory Nazianzen)

This is a blatantly ridiculous position that might be suited to grammarians, but not to persons seeking truth. Basil the Great and St. A ray of the Sun flashing upon a wall and trembling with the movement of the moisture which the beam has taken up in mid air, and then, being checked by the hard body, has set up a strange quivering. These sentences both “proceed upon the basis of a common Godhead.

Now the two Testaments are alike in this respect, that the change was not made on a sudden, nor at the first movement of the endeavour. If, say they, there is God and God and God, how is it that there are not Three Gods, or how is it that what is glorified is not a plurality of Principles? I tremble when I think of such an abundance of titles, and how many Names they blaspheme, those who revolt against the Spirit! I was responsible for the storm, but I would sacrifice myself for the salvation of the ship.

St Gregory the Theologian: The First Theological Oration | Eclectic Orthodoxy

Feast of Orthodoxy Intercession of the Theotokos. But this is not the only cause of your error; you also fail to distinguish between the things that are signified.


Nazianzus interpreted by parsing various meanings of “can” and “cannot. The Free Encyclopedia onlines. I have also heard that some one has suggested an illustration of the following kind.

In each transition, God allowed the survival of certain elements from the preceding epoch, e.

Fourth Theological Oration (Oration 30)

What have you to say about the Crab, which theolgical mean either an animal, or an instrument, or a constellation? And surely there is something lacking if it has not the Holy, and how would it have this if it were without the Spirit? How can the unbegotten be the same as the begotten?

Nay, if you will grant me that there is another God and another nature of God I will give you the same Trinity with the same name and facts. A fragment of the creature.

Christ is baptized, the Spirit bears witness to this Of course they were. But if He was not made, how can He be either one of the All, or through Christ? The first pairs, then, that I referred to are accounted for thus. Gregory of Nyssa on 14 June. For you would not so ascribe it as if it were newly acquired, but as belonging to Him from the beginning by reason of nature, and not as an act of favour.

Second Oration on the Son]. His taking us as His servants, on our entrance into a state of salvation.