gnugk [-hdrt] [-c filename] [-s section] [-l n] [-b n] [-u name] [-d name] [-rr] [-o filename] [–pid filename] [–core A detailed explanation can be found in the manual. /etc/default/gnugk /etc/ /etc/init.d/gnugk /usr/sbin/addpasswd /usr/ sbin/gnugk /usr/share/doc-base/gnugk-manual /usr/share/doc/gnugk/changelog. Open Phone Abstraction Library (OPAL) is a C++ multi-platform, multi-protocol OpenH This project has been superseded by OpalVoip Rocket.

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Note that you must specify the alias of the gateway. The very latest source code is in the git repository. Yell [message text] Example: The CallID parameter is gnhgk if it is given it must be the same format as mamual by RouteRequest. The values are collected through Manuzl.

In some networks an endpoint’s IP address may change unexpectedly. Findmqnual Find a registered endpoint by an alias or a prefix. It is a communications standard for audio, video, and data over the Internet. Reset the statistics counters for total calls, successful calls, neighbor calls and parent calls to zero. The optional transfer method parameter can be used to override the global TransferMethod switch in [CTI:: When filtering is gnuvk using the the filter 1 command, all messages will be shown other than lines with ARQ, LRQ etc.

SQL has been configured, apply assignments to gateway registrations default. Valid endpoint types are: If that’s not what you want, you must interface to the gatekeeper through the status port and communicate with it via TCP. Monitoring the Gatekeeper This section lists all commands that you can issue to the status port manually or with an external application. This section allows you to override the global definition of AlternateGKs from the [Gatekeeper:: By default GnuGk will ignore this address and respond to the IP and port where it has received the request from.


You may also type the following into the status port: A manual for your version is in your GnuGk download archive. For security reasons the GUI must be run as a standalone application or served by a web server on manua same IP number as the gatekeeper you cannot run it as an applet via a local file.

The gatekeeper will send out messages about ongoing calls to all connected gmugk and it can receive commands via this interface. The call that shall be transfered is selected by the call ID and the string “caller” or “called” is used to specify the which end of the call shall be transferred.

RQ filter 1 Gnutk that if you enable filtering when there are no include filters defined this will automatically exclude all message output! The endpoint is then advised in the GCF to register with that gatekeeper.

In this example, Forcefully unregister an endpoint by it’s endpoint ID. Please join the mailing list before posting.

Trace Set the status interface output trace level. This alterate gatekeeper will only be used during maitenance mode. Their records will always remain in the registration table of the gatekeeper. Show the statistics information of the gatekeeper. Reloading the configuration will not terminate existing calls, and any change to settings will only take gnugm on new calls.

Yell Config reload in 5 minutes. Main] section for certain IPs or IP ranges. These trace levels only apply to what is shown on the status port. A PDF version can be found in the download section. Specify the trailing character to be removed in destinationInfo. GK Show the information of the parent gatekeeper. The settings in this section may be updated by reloading the configuration while the gatekeeper is running. PrintCallInfo ddc-be MaintenanceMode Enable or disable maintenance mode.


Select the least used gateway when routing calls to achieve a more even usage.

Ubuntu – File list of package gnugk/trusty/all

Filtering is done using regular expressions which are used to decide whether to include show or exclude ignore an output message. A right-click on a button gives you a pop up menu for that endpoint.

IRQ poll interval is 60 seconds. This option defines whether to accept the specified prefixes of a MCU.

GWPrefixes] This section configures how dialed E. AssignedGatekeeper] This allows the assigning of a gatekeeper based upon the HID or the apparent source IP address of the registering endpoint.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 13

This command is similar to RouteToGateway, but you can also specify which IP of a multi-homed server to use for the outgoing call. The gnufk sent by the gatekeeper to the status port are grouped into three output trace levels: It does so, because some endpoints rely on this behavior and in case where eg. Valid values for the transfer method are: Disconnect all calls of a registered endpoint by one of its aliases.

The network specifies the IP where the RAS message is received from, the setting specifies whether to use the rasAddress.