GIMP comes with standard filters that supports creating gradients; look under Filters+Light After you’re done with your image, you can export it in PNG format. One of the most common uses for GIMP, is to prepare images for web sites. To export an image with transparent areas that do not have a soft transition. Most of the file formats that GIMP can open, can also be used for saving. Exporting an image does not modify the image itself, so you do not lose anything by.

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Note Since PNG format supports indexed images, you have better reduce the number of colors before saving if you want to have the lightest file for the Web. GIMP is capable of reading and writing a large variety of graphics file formats. You can select among three options: If the image has a soft transition into the transparent areas, ekspory should not remove the alpha channel, since the information used for the transition is not be saved in the file.

GIMP: Saver and Save/export clean plug-ins

Not all file types are equally good for all purposes. When you close an image possibly by quitting GIMPyou are warned if the image is “dirty”; that is, if it has been changed without subsequently being saved.

Reducing the File Size Even More.

There are several commands for saving images. Ashley Donohoe has written business, technology and education articles professionally since To export an gipm with alpha transparency, you must have an alpha channel.


GIMP allows you to export the images you create in a wide variety of formats. The image file can include markers which allow the image to be loaded as segments. This will minimize the losses caused by the quantization step, compared to what would happen if you used fksport quality setting.

Images with layers are flattenned before saving to PNG and layer offset is taken in account. Also note that the results of the floating-point method may vary slightly across machines, while the integer methods should give the same results everywhere.

It is a very widely used format, because it compresses images very efficiently, while minimizing the loss of image quality. When this option is checked, the animation will play repeatedly until you stop it.

2. Preparing your Images for the Web

Export Image as PNG. The fast integer method is much less accurate than the other two.

With this option enabled the compression of the image will be inserted progressively in the file. Preparing your Images for the Web. Loop forever When this option is checked, the animation will play repeatedly until you stop it. Thus, it is relatively easy to extend GIMP to new file types when the need arises.

Unfortunately, the progressive option produces slightly larger JPG files than without the progressive option. Interlacing Checking interlace allows an image on a web page to be progressively displayed as it is downloaded. Since compression is not lossy, the only reason to use a compression level less than 9, is if it takes too long to compress a file on a slow computer.


Saving Images with Transparency

You can remove the alpha channel by flattening the image. Example of an Export dialog. Frame disposal when unspecified: Saving Images with Transparency. Click “Export” to view additional exporting options. Save gamma Gamma correction is the ability to correct for differences in how computers interpret color values. Click “Export” again to complete the process. This suits images with weak borders but tends to denature colors. ejsport

Getting images out of GIMP. Commonly referred to as 4: Progressive With this option enabled, the image chunks are stored in the file in an order that allows progressive image refinement during a slow connection web download.

Exporting a PDF From GIMP

The GIMP is capable of reading and writing a large variety of graphics file formats. Compression can use this to consider as identical slightly different colors.

The leading asterisk indicates that this file has been changed.

The float method is very slightly more accurate than the integer method, but is much slower unless your machine has very fast floating-point hardware. It is important to realize that the only format capable of saving all of the information in an image, including layers, transparency, etc. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might timp to add the italics to the site name.

A list, and information on how to use them, can be found in the section covering the File menu.