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Any help would be great. I am 29 and I feel I look older at 29 than you do at 40! Rule Summary click for bestworstabexerrcises I need to adopt a healthier diet like yours. Nuts and Peanut butter oftentimes for snack.

Your progress is indeed an inspiration. But damn this is demotivating. In fact, vetfit I took that out of my work-out my weight loss stabilized. My diet is similar to what I wrote above although I do allow for some cheat meals over the weekends now. Check out this page for a detailed look at the muscular structure of our abdomen: I usually flexed for my progress pictures.

The breakfast never changes and people tell me 5 eggs a day isn’t great for cholesterol but I’ve now done it almost a year. Just go slow, track your calories and only increase them when gains stop. Good luck you got this! Good luck, I went from around to in a few months so with the calorie deficit and regular exercise it’s realistic if you’re new to exercising like I was.


Saw abs for the first time in my life at 40 even though I had been in damn good shape at times before just not lean enough. If say I was around 35 in that starting pic but I looked way worse before I started working out in my midsection.

Biggest thing with my core work is to not give in to the pain. I realized if I didn’t make these healthy choices, I’d end up taking years off my life. When I go to the gym, I do some fly’s, etc. Would wake me up at night. No soda or bad drinks either replaced by lots of water.

Go slowly and controlled to keep the muscles under tension. Yes, I really don’t see myself stopping now and looking forward to a healthy lifestyle. I was always in great shape, but lost it after getting comfortable in a two year relationship.

In April of I hired a personal trainer for two weeks since I’ve never set foot in a gym before. I did SL for about a month or two solid before last semester finals, and bestworstabexerccises completely fell off the train. The supplements I wrote about and still alway finish workout w protein shake.

Crunch with Heel Push 9.


The other aspect is that my wife says I’m more “present” than I used to be which means it’s not just the physical time you have with your family. Getting “fit” has been one of the best things to happen to me in my life and even though I didn’t step into a bestworstabexdrcises until 39, I realized it’s never ever too late to do so.


I do a combination of flyes, pressing, cable presses and incline presses. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Keep it up man! Good fucking job and great post.

Best and Worst Ab Exercises

I’d rather sacrifice an hour here and there to work out now so I’m around for my family for years down the line. Straighten your right leg at a degree angle and rotate your upper body to the left, bringing the right elbow toward the left knee. There are even other core exercises i do such as planks and some machine work that I didn’t list.

Im striving to look like you.

First time working out at M/5’11″/ Progress pictures. : Fitness

Could you say more about your approach to diet? I think most getfiy feel sit-ups aren’t as effective of an exercise as people used to think for core and not great on your back. What did you do with the treadmill to achieve your Egtfit circuit? Wishing you much success. Crunch on exercise ball 7. May I ask, you said for dumbbell bench, you do 85 lbs. Damn your selfie taking times are consistent!