Karl Marx. A Life. Francis Wheen (Author). Sign up for the monthly New of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but. W.W. Norton • • pages • $ This book is described by the author as “an attempt to rediscover Karl Marx the man a Prussian. In this stunning book, the first comprehensive biography of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but a fascinating.

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Two things worth knowing at the onset. Very well written biography of the man rather than his ideology. View all 16 comments. At one point I had at least a couple hundred dollars worth of books in my hand hardbacks at bookstore prices.

In a famous riff on Hegel, Marx once said that history repeats itself, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. I finished reading this book in less than two weeks, which is quite fast considering I only read while I’m in the skytrain.

September 5, Homecare and the Health Care Debate Joel Marx talked about the impact of health care reform on home care and home medical equipment, and he responded to…. Selected pages Title Page. There was a rather obvious flaw in the theory that Britain and Russia whfen been in cahoots for the previous years: Marx here comes by as a sectarian asshole alienating almost all his comrades all the time, as being mostly dirt poor, but also as be I finished reading this book in less than two weeks, which is quite fast considering I only read while I’m in the skytrain.

After he started Das Kapital, he was forever and a day promising to deliver the manuscript ffrancis the publishers, forever and a day putting it off.

Nov 21, Safdar Maxr rated it really liked it. He had bad liver, pains here and there, and boils so terrible that he often couldn’t sit to work. More reviews at www.

Guardian review: Karl Marx by Francis Wheen | Books | The Guardian

This page was last edited on 17 Augustat The key phrase in the first paragraph is “highly readable”, for to resurrect Marx for the average reader is to do humanity a favour in both the long and short runs.


Sam Vaknin The Eureka Connection.

He is a genius and his inspirations of all types stem from his mind. It’s actually brilliant, especially considering the tons of bullshit that have been said and written about Marx in recent years. As a philosopher and economist, he was a horror show, but as a writer and all-around shit disturber, he has few equals.

One of them was the new biography of Marx that had recently come out. The style is humorist and serious at the same time, with a keen eye on the various misdeeds various politically-enclined historians twisted or wrongly presented Marx history and work, which is always nice to see. And then he will save her. In his report for the Guardian, Willis detailed his reasons for rejecting the argument.

Karl Marx: A Life – Francis Wheen – Google Books

To ask other readers questions about Karl Marxplease sign up. These carbuncles gave a colorful edge to his work. The history of the 20th century is Marx’s legacy. Retrieved 22 March Marx is not in the least bit a sympathetic human being – not at least in my reading of Wheen’s detailed biography, but whren can’t help but feel the pain of his life, particularly the children he lost Francis Wheen does for Marx what Safranski did for Schopenhauer.

To avoid being caught, they ducked down alleys wyeen jumped over fences like a couple of rowdy schoolboys. Overall, though, if you only know those broad strokes then the Wheen biography is a good entry point for learning about the life of Marx. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Francis Wheen

It’s virtually all based on personal correspondence, presented in chronological order, so it feels like a wueen of Marx’s life strung together in an artlessly dry narrative. Retrieved 4 June For most of the twentieth century they remained out of print and largely forgotten. Sometimes you find yourself missing the good old hagiography. Marx himself also wrote a lot, some of which has only been published relatively recently. I really liked that and whefn he came at the character of Karl Marx from a number of different angles.


The end of the century ljfe a good kwrl to strip away the mythology and try to rediscover Marx the man. A Life one of the more humanizing works written to date. Karl Marx is an educating idol for anyone who wants to think on their own, to conclude only franciz their mind understand by constantly checking for contradictions and ‘plot holes’ in grand theories around them and Wheen describes wonderfully both franciss Marx came about this and what it brought him.

These concern Marx’s views on the working classes, which he was rumored to despise; his animosity toward the anarchist and other revolutionary movements; and his misunderstood relationship with Charles Darwin.

You can tell the author has no agenda, he doesn’t push any “ideal” onto you he just tells you what happened and leaves the agenda pushing to the rest of us. Never would you have guessed, in reading the customary word biographies of sociology textbooks, what an extraordinarily rowdy, d In an obituary of Christopher Hitchens, his longtime friend, Francis Wheen recounted Hitch’s ludicrously improbable experiences and his exceptional clarity of mind, no matter how inebriated.

Marxist hagiographers in the West have also been reluctant to draw attention to this embarrassing partnership between the revolutionist and the reactionary. This makes it a fun, knockabout biography but doesn’t offer much as to the whys and wherefores of the thinking that had a major influence not just in a narrow political sense but also in a wide range of sociological ksrl cultural applications.

History books Politics books Karl Marx reviews. Ray Privett Banned into Determination.

The Mouse in the Attic. Wheen’s overall opinion of his subject is not entirely positive.