Graduate Education Committee (FPGEC) Candidate Application Bulletin (Bulletin ). I hereby acknowledge that this Attestation is part of my FPGEC application. Fill Fpgec Application Form, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee™ (FPGEC®) Application Form for Examination and Certification. Note: All applicable items must be filled.

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Your data security is important to us and we make it our priority. Enjoy a free sample on signing up. Visit the board of pharmacy Web site for state-specific license requirements.

The ATT letter includes instructions on scheduling your testing appointment and other important information.

FPGEE | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Start filling in the fillable PDF in 2 seconds. Each time you submit corrected documents appllcation re-evaluation, it will take six additional weeks for the new documents to be evaluated. Graduated on or after January 1, If you graduated from an accredited school of pharmacy on or after January 1,you must have completed at least a five-year pharmacy curriculum.

The option of emailing or downloading the document allows you to email a copy directly to wherever it needs to be submitted or to save a copy to your desktop.

How does it work? Suite Milwaukee WI USA In sum, filled application form with 2 photos, 1 set of educational documents in a sealed envelop, copy of passport, certified check, copy of pharmacy registration in sealed envelop to NABP and one set of educational documents to ECE. Creating an account is one way to keep your details and forms safe, and furthermore, our site is SSL encrypted. Any changes to your testing appointment must be made through Pearson VUE.

Responses to your questions on the above topics may take up to three weeks. If you send a fax to the FPGEC inquiring about any of the following topics, a written response will be mailed within six weeks.


It may take an additional 30 business days for international mail to be delivered and fppgec business days for mail sent within the US. You can start the simple process by dragging and dropping the file onto the website or alternatively you can upload it.

If you do not have the correct IDs with you on the day of fpgeec test, you will not be able to test. Send your documents at: Find answers to your frequently asked questions or fodm live with a customer service representative. Add a text block for all of your important information, exactly where it will it is needed. NABP considers security of customer information to be one of its highest priorities. You can also obtain visas for your family members. Finally, you can access your files from anywhere once you have saved them to the dashboard of your account.

Add team members for the whole company to save time in waiting for printers or for clients to send contracts back to applicaion. Solve all of your PDFs needs in one place.

FPGEC Certification

You can rely on Paperjet to turn your PDF files into neat, usable applicatoon and contracts for Signature and close deals faster. The form has to be notarized by a notary pubic. Our fillable documents allow you to add all sorts of information directly onto the PDF. If you fpgev at the test center 30 minutes after your scheduled examination time, you will forfeit your appointment. Reviewing the Bulletin is the first, and most important, step in the application process.

For your convenience, the following guidelines provide an indication of how long each step of the certification process may take to complete. You can request that the issuing body send the fpgfc, appropriately sealed documentation directly to the FPGEC, or you can request that the issuing body send them to you so that you can forward them to the FPGEC.


Your Signature is Required. If you are already in the United States, your temporary visa like H-1B will be converted into permanent residence visa. Mail Delivery Up to 30 Business Days. If you graduated from an accredited school of pharmacy before January 1,you must have completed at least a four-year pharmacy curriculum.

Once your file is converted from a static form into a fillable form in your browser, you can immediately start filling in your details in 2 seconds.

FPGEC Certification

Both of these envelops should be temper proof stamped and sealed by the University. You can fill in your form using a variety of means, as long pfgec you have an internet connection.

More information is available in a news article. Envelopes that are not sealed as specified in rpgec FPGEC Application Bulletin or that appear open or tampered with will not be accepted. A seal, stamp, or signature of an official must be placed across the flap closure and the envelope to ensure the confidentiality of the documents inside.

A seal, stamp, or signature of an official must be placed across the flap closure and the envelope to ensure the confidentiality of the documents inside. You will also receive an identification card. Fpgee study group School. The December 3 exam is intended for candidates who have already been accepted to test, but were not accepted in time or applicattion unable to schedule an appointment for the October 2, FPGEE.