If I call REPORT FORM from a form, foxpro prints what appears to be debug the bug returns even with the fixes to the report listener class. Visual FoxPro General. Visual FoxPro Dear friends, I have used Report listener with its quietmode.t. to send output of the report to html file. vfp 9 introduces a new reporting system based on listeners additive * create a report listener object local loreportlistener loreportlistener.

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The I show that form while the report runs, then restore the original form when done.

SP2 REPORT FORM command problem

See the following help topic in the Visual FoxPro 9. Allows finer control than simply transparent or opaque. The content you requested has been removed. Any idea how to get rid of those?

THe article above probably works also. According to the help file, OutputPage “Provides access to the current page or the full range of pages for a report run, according to the value of the ListenerType property.

We can make that even easier, actually: However, this doesn’t give you any control over the name of the file to create or other settings. It looks for a directive in the USER memo of a field in the report with the following format: However, as the report engine raises report events, the lead listener calls the appropriate methods of its successor, and the successor calls the appropriate methods of its successor, and so on down the chain.


You can add additional handlers in a subclass or after the class is instantiated by adding to the collection note that the keyword used for the collection must be upper-case. Some drawing attributes come from values in custom properties, making charting more flexible. And didn’t change anything, just installed SP2. This is numeric rather than logical to allow the possibility for subclasses to treat images differently if desired.

Home Contact Reporting is in close relationship with business and bureatic environment. This would result in an endless loop unless something is done about it. Returns the page width during a report run.

Working with reports,olecontrols and listener class – Visual Foxpro codes

Table 2 lists these properties. SFTranslateDirective allows you to create multi-lingual reports by specifying that certain fields be translated. Wednesday, November 28, 3: The secondary listener will have its methods invoked immediately after each of the primary listeners methods are called by the report engine.

H, which is referenced by SFReporting. Nulla in iaculis nisi. I don’t normally like to add to a pileup, but here I will. Table 8 lists the types of output supported in the base class ReportListener and the values for nDeviceType and eDevice.

And that concludes our journey through the outsourced reporting components of Visual FoxPro 9. InitStatusText contains the message to display before the report is run.

Properties of the object parameter passed to AdjustObjectSize. The fact remaining is, this is a bug of the FFC reportlisteners reportlistendr should be fixed.

Working with reports,olecontrols and listener class

The Next and Previous buttons display the next and previous pages in the report. APP in the Visual FoxPro home directory by default is called to determine which listener class to instantiate for the specified type.

  ASK 433.92 PDF

So, you now have a problem: Cathy Pountney blogged about a solution to this issue: Others might have other needs. App doesn’t just serve up base reportlistener classes. An additional clause to the contract between report engine and listener factory is that the report listener handed back to the factory must have its OutputType property set to the same value as the type of output requested i.

Tuesday, February 12, 4: Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. If the listener hasn’t checked the USER memo for the field being rendered yet, EvaluateContents does that, setting flags in the array indicating whether the field is used for labels or values, and setting the first column of the array to.

How the different values of ListenerType affect OutputPage. SFReportDirective is an abstract class for subclassing directive handlers from.

NET interoperability, and more. Staffing Home Looking for Staff? DrawRectangle loPen, lnLeft, lnTop. His Web sites are http: PrintRangeFrom N Defaults to 1. The SetReport method has the following code: Clmcgrath, put that command in the Load or Init of the form that calls the report. Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members!