Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison is a book by the French philosopher Michel Foucault argues that prison did not become the principal form of punishment just because of the humanitarian concerns of reformists. He argues that the public spectacle of torture and execution was a theatrical forum, the. In Discipline and Punish Foucault argued that the human sciences and the history of . Foucault’s governing metaphor of the scaffold as spectacle or theater —. Foucault’s writings on power and control in social institutions have made him one of the modern era’s most influential thinkers. Here he argues that punishment.

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When Foucault discusses the function of public torture he makes a similar observation: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: One has fhe to point out so many precautions to realize that capital punishment remains fundamentally, even today, a spectacle that must actually be forbidden Foucault The Rodney King beating is among the most famous amateur videos ever recorded, existing in the same category as the Zapruder film. Foucault also rejected the poststructuralist and postmodernist labels later attributed to him, preferring to classify his thought as a critical history of modernity rooted in Immanuel Kant.

They showed the body of knowledge being developed about the prisoners, the creation of the ‘delinquent’ class, and the disciplinary careers emerging.

#60 Michel Foucault – The Spectacle of the Scaffold

Danielle rated it really liked it Apr 11, Dashcams have become standard equipment in every police car. Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: Other Authors Sheridan, Alan.


He looks at the development of highly refined forms of discipline, of discipline concerned with the smallest and most precise aspects of a person’s body. Joshua rated it liked it Aug 22, Crime and rebellion are akin to a declaration of war. More precisely put, Foucault presents the scaffodl ideals of eighteenth-century prison reformers, most of which were never realized, as though they were the actual reforms of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Prisoners would have been forced to do work that reflected their crime, thus repaying ghe for their infractions. That is, discipline must come about without excessive force through careful observation, and molding of the bodies into the correct form through this observation.

Prison is one part of foucaulh vast network, including schools, military institutions, hospitals, and factories, which build a panoptic society for its members. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I used to dread the kind of post-modernist who would wander up and assert that the sewers were actually a discourse of the rich used to discipline the bodily nature of the poor.

They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. Views Read Edit View history. When the verdict came down and the officers involved got off scot-free, the ensuing riot lasted six days, caused more than 50 deaths, set thousands of fires, and did millions of dollars in property damage. Also Titled Discipline and punish: It is only now, when plausible deniability can no longer be maintained that it has become unacceptable.


It was this outrage which led Foucault to conclude that public executions could serve as possible sites of resistance. Quite the reverse — in his eyes, all justice is a disguise for different power relations. Once again, video recordings are at the heart of this. As tragic as these gory displays were, they were ripe with potential:.

How can there be any kind oc truth about the past when our knowledge of it is partial and second-hand? The only weakness of the book was an over analysis of what is the soul which to me seemed repetitive and meandering — though I am sure it probably read better in the original French: With such alarming frequency, it is impossible to argue that such events are not a regular occurrence.

In a later work, Security, Territory, PopulationFoucault admitted that he was somewhat overzealous in his argument that disciplinary power conditions society; he amended and developed his earlier ideas. Naissance de la prison is a book by the French philosopher Michel Foucault.

#60 Michel Foucault – The Spectacle of the Scaffold | Man Versus Ideas

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